One to Watch

6'4 '18 Kevin Kayongo (Lawrenceville, GA)

We first watched Kevin Kayongo numerous times this past summer at the Charlotte Team Camp and again at the Charlotte Elite Camp. From our summer evaluation, we stated, 'Kevin is a legit D1 defender. He has excellent length and lateral quickness. His high school coach William Witherspoon stated, 'Kevin is always asked to play the opposing team's best offensive player. He relishes the moment and embraces the challenge.'

Recently at the NC Phenom 150 Session 1'camp, Kevin Kayongo once again made his mark on the court. First of all, he's an intense two-way competitor and provides vocal leadership on the court. In our post camp summary of the top players, we stated, 'Kevin is an incredibly explosive, aggressive wing. He finished above the rim throughout the day and it didn't matter if it was in the half court or in transition, he was coming for heads.'

What's even more amazing is the lack of D1 or D2 interest that has come Kevin's way. We're talking about a confident'and consistent two-way player that will compete every possession. Offensively, Kevin has range out to the 3-point line, but is best off the dribble and bounce where he can utilize his tremendous athleticism. He has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble, but more importantly he is constantly moving without the ball. He's so active with or without the ball. In addition, Kevin doesn't mind punishing the rims in transition with his incredible bounce will allow him.

D1 and D2 schools looking for an athletic, explosive wing guard that plays with a high motor should give the Lawrenceville senior a call. He's definitely a low risk, high return player that will always give maximum effort and do all the little things necessary to secure his team a victory. Be sure to check out the highlights from the NC Phenom 150 Session 2 at the 1:17 mark.'v=OjpxrAgl0gQ

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