EPHRAIM BUTLER, Berkeley HS (SC), 6’0″ PG, 2018


EPHRAIM brings a whole host of ‘point guard givens’ to the table with his game.' Ephraim has great quickness with the ball, though he doesn’t waste time showing you that.' His poise is what stands out on first – and last – glance.' THIS is the steady head you want running your team.' Ephraim’s shot is solid as a rock (elbow aligned and a one motion stroke), but he has not needed to bank on it much, as he gets to the basket with relative ease.' Excellent 3 point marksmanship only college practice reps away.


Heading into his senior year, Ephraim is stronger and a more explosive.' BUT, again, his strengths remain him having the ball on a string, controlling and directing his team with uncommon poise, and scoring when he has to.' He led Berkeley to their first division championship in a looong time in ’16 – ’17 and look for him to lead his team even further this year.' A great young guy WITH grades who checks all the boxes marked ‘POINT GUARD’, Ephraim will be very, very popular come Spring of 2018.