Bo Koebbe (Living Water Christian)

Koebbe is a 6’6 prospect at Living Water Christian who is coming off a strong sophomore season and is looking to bring that consistent presence once again.  Koebbe is coming off a season in which he averaged 17.4 points and 12.0 rebounds per game and has only continued to be that double-double type machine this summer.  Koebbe continues to be that consistent presence on the floor, as his frame allows him to produce offensively and make big plays, but his motor is tremendous on the boards. Fluid feel to his game that he uses to his advantage, is comfortable with his shot, and just seems to make plays.

Kaden Hammond (Cummings)

Hammond is going to be a name I’m really interested in watching this year.  From a sophomore season at Cummings in which he averaged 12.0 points and 11.2 rebounds, to what we saw this summer with Team United, Hammond could be in for a big season.  Watching him recently at the Summer Havoc, Hammond seems to have only gotten bigger and stronger at 6’8, but also brings a physical aspect to the floor. Whether it is his touch and feel down in the paint, his ability to step out and score, his physical presence on the boards, and his IQ for the game, Hammond has seen his game really mature over the last year or so.

Richard Goods (Ben L. Smith)

Goods is a known name by many in the state of North Carolina but believe that his basketball is ahead of him and he should only continue to get on more radars with college coaches.  Goods is coming off a strong sophomore season in which he posted averages of 11.9 points and 9.7 rebounds.  And from what we have seen, Goods has continued to add dimensions to his game. Still using that size and build to be effective in the paint and on the boards, Goods has shown his ability to step out and be effective from the perimeter as well.  But fully expect Goods to be that strong presence again down in the paint again, as he looks to add to those numbers from last season.

David Ellis (Wilson Prep)

Ellis may not be as big of a name as others on this list but this is a young man that has shown to produce and be effective in what he provides. The 6’7 understands his role, plays hard and is extremely active on both sides of the court, can finish at the rim, and is a workhorse on the glass.  Ellis can set the tone in the paint, has nice touch in finishing around the basket, and plays with energy at the rim.  But we only expect him to bring that same mentality on the glass as he did last year and this summer, creating second-chance opportunities but also cleaning up the glass on the defensive end.