2021 Jamarii Thomas has been a known name in the state of North Carolina, and it is hard not to fall in love with his game and mindset. Coming into the season, it was going to be interesting to see how he would play at his new program, The Burlington School and it seems that the move has paid off in a big way.

Thomas has put on some impressive performances early on and is now earning the attention of college coaches, earning new offers from Eastern Kentucky, NC A&T, and UNC-Wilmington. Phenom Hoops recently got in touch with Thomas to check in about the latest, as he could be looking to make his final decision soon.

Phenom Hoops: How has it been playing this season for The Burlington School so far?
Thomas: Great. It has changed me as a man and as a person and as a basketball player. From the staff, community, and teammates.

Phenom Hoops: What has been the best thing so far about playing with your new guys and playing on the big stage?
Thomas: It’s been great. I love my teammates because we all are underdogs and want more. The best thing so far is competing against the best and seeing where I am as a player and where the team is.

Phenom Hoops: Has it shown you anything?
Thomas: It has shown me how to prioritize things. Especially the things I want to make money in the long run.

Phenom Hoops: You have a tremendous mindset and leave it all on the floor. What does it take for you to come out every night, looking to prove yourself?
Thomas: Just knowing I haven’t gotten the respect I want and just going out knowing my goals for this year, which is trying to win Gatorade Player of the Year.

Phenom Hoops: Now, you are earning a few new offers. What was it like to earn offers from EKU, NC A&T, and UNCW recently?
Thomas: North Carolina A&T is up the street from me and it would feel just like home. I have built a good relationship with Coach Jones and Coach Hunt. UNCW is an unbelievable place to be, a great conference. The system fits me well. Eastern Kentucky, Coach Hamilton has been recruiting me pretty hard since offering me; has a great story and I feel like I fit the system well there.

Phenom Hoops: What other schools have been showing interest more you way lately?
Thomas: Providence and Drexel are the only two really recruiting me other than the schools that have offered.

Phenom Hoops: What have those two been saying?
Thomas: They love my mentality as a player and how fast I play while being under control. They love that I’m a dog and my playmaking ability.

Phenom Hoops: Do you have any timeframe of when you may want to decide?
Thomas: Look to decide before this year is over, if not early January.

Phenom Hoops: What are the factors that will ultimately go into your final decision?
Thomas: The relationship that the staff has with me and my family… also the environment.