6’8 Jajuan Nicholls (NC GBB)

It’s difficult to find a reason as to why Jajaun Nicholls isn’t being recruited by more college coaches. He’s a strong, mobile post prospect with a steady presence on both ends of the floor. Nicholls possesses touch and can reliably finish with either hand around the basket or knock down the occasional midrange jumper. He gives consistent effort on the glass and (despite what his calm demeanor might imply) plays hard on either side of the ball. Nicholls alters shots, battles for rebounds, and capitalizes on scoring opportunities as needed. He’s the type of player who could carve out a productive role with a lot of different programs. 

6’7 David Peral (Mount Tabor)

As stated countless times throughout the course of the event, David Peral has improved drastically over the recent months and should now be viewed as a priority for various programs at the next level. Between his size, motor, and unselfish mentality, Peral is able to outwork opponents with relative ease. He doesn’t necessarily require a ton of offensive touches to make a lasting impression, but can finish with touch or above the rim whenever available. Peral alters shots extremely well and is capable of controlling the glass on either end of the floor. His low-maintenance game should appeal to various coaches. 

6’9 Kaleb Siler (Carmel Christian)

Given the fact that he plays a major role on one of the top teams in North Carolina, one would expect Kaleb Siler to have a lot more action within his recruitment. He’s another guy who should receive more appreciation for the steady, dependable manner in which he asserts himself within the flow of the action. Siler is a quality rebounder, finisher, and shot-altering presence who has made consistent improvements to his body over the recent months. He anchors the paint, runs the floor in transition, and finishes well around the basket. Siler is simply a guy that can contribute in a variety of different settings. 

6’2 Adam Harvey (Chatham Charter)

It’s quite easy to appreciate the balance that Chatham Charter showcases from game to game, and Adam Harvey as important as anyone to their overall approach. He’s a polished three-level scorer with an adaptable game and the ability to effectively produce within a variety of different roles. Harvey can create for himself and others or find opportunities as a cutter and spot-up threat. He’s a great shooting threat from midrange and beyond the arc, and features a reliable pull-up off the bounce. Harvey also finishes well around the basket whenever getting downhill and attacking. He also makes hustle plays, defends his position nicely, and leads by example on both ends of the floor. 

6’6 Jason Rivera (John Marshall)

Quite possibly my personal favorite prospect from the event, Jason Rivera is criminally under-recruited despite playing with high-level programs throughout the year. He’s a long, wiry wing/forward who simply wreaks havoc with his blend of toughness, nonstop motor, and well-rounded skillset. Rivera is an overwhelming defender and rebounder whose sheer effort seems to cause a ton of problems for opponents. Offensively, he’s smart and skilled enough to fill in the gaps or expand his production as needed. Rivera can reliably pass, handle, shoot, and succeed with or without the ball in his hands. Add in his presence as a rebounder and transition threat, and Rivera should be a priority for various scholarship-level programs.