Although the recruiting landscape has drastically changed due to everything involved with Covid, the Class of 2023 has a chance to observe things returning back to normal. While they will still deal with an absolute bloodbath of a transfer portal and the aftermath of the NCAA rewarding an extra year of eligibility (both naturally creating positional logjams), it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as we’ve previously seen. It feels like we are beating a dead horse about some of these prospects, but offers simply haven’t been extended. The following list provides a variety of scholarship-worthy guys (most of which belong on the Division I level) who each hold zero offers for no explainable reason. Let’s make the case…

6’5 Noah Van Bibber (Concord Academy)

Albeit currently sidelined with an injury, the fact that schools aren’t in heavy pursuit of Noah Van Bibber is actually somewhat ridiculous. Given the recruitment of notable shooters from the Class of 2022 (Donovan Atwell, Michael Zanoni, etc.), one would think coaches would actually try to get out in front of Van Bibber’s inevitable blow-up prior to the travel ball season. Removing any bias or emotion from the discussion, the appeal of an athletic, 6-foot-5 wing who knocks down three-pointers at a 39% clip (42.5% in his last 15 games) should be self-explanatory. He’s also more than just a standstill piece with spot-up ability, as Van Bibber comfortably attacks closeouts and displays a solid presence on the glass. Expect him to become a priority within the coming months. 

6’10 Domas Kauzonas (Rabun Gap)

Between his size, ability, and noteworthy teammate (Nate Brafford), one would’ve guessed that enough college coaches would be aware of Domas Kauzonas—yet here we are. The smart, strong, 6-foot-10 post prospect possesses a long frame and an impressive skillset, especially for his size/position. Kauzonas can space the floor, post-up from the block or elbows, or shine as a very effective piece in the two-man game (with ability when rolling or popping). He displays touch, vision, footwork, and the ability to score over either shoulder. Kauzonas does a great job of playing hard and willingly utilizing his body to outwork opponents on both ends of the floor. He’s also a quality rebounder and rim-protector who should collect numerous of offers over the next six to eight months. 

6’8 Sam Martin (Apex)

The amount of under-recruited big men in North Carolina’s Class of 2023 is incredibly shocking, and Sam Martin’s situation is as perplexing as any. Though he should’ve already been firmly on the radar of college coaches prior to the high school season, the lack of traction since November is unnerving. For starters, his progression has been visible—both from a scouting and raw numbers standpoint. Between his sophomore season and now, Martin literally improved in every possible statistical category while increasing his field goal percentage by ten points. That just doesn’t happen. In 15 games, he’s had 13 double-digit scoring outputs and a handful of double-doubles. Add in his insane 5.1 BPG, and it continues to make no sense. The skill, strong frame, and remaining upside should have the attention of countless programs. 

6’8 Jajuan Nicholls (NC GBB)

The new wave of independent programs has certainly helped a lot of different kids, especially from a standpoint of exposure to college coaches. That being said, it feels like Jajuan Nicholls should have more opportunities to play at the next level. The NC GBB roster is loaded with talent, and Nicholls excels within his role as much as anyone. He possesses a strong, sturdy frame and an extremely reliable interior presence on either side of the ball. Nicholls plays hard, rebounds at a consistent rate, and displays an excellent scoring arsenal from the post. He’s the type of player who understands how to play within himself and take what the opposition is giving him. Nicholls also alters shots, runs the floor in transition, and is capable of knocking down the perimeter jumpers at a respectable clip. He should have more coaches in pursuit. 

6’7 Collin Kuhl (Holly Springs)

Like the others above, Collin Kuhl should already have a slew of offers in hand. Are we that far removed from Holly Springs being one of the more recruited teams in the state? Regardless of the past, Kuhl is the clear leader for the Golden Hawks (14-3) on a nightly basis. At 6-foot-7, he possesses a phenomenal blend of IQ, skill, and athleticism which, given his position, also makes him a matchup problem for most opposing forwards. Kuhl can post-up, initiate the offense, knock down jumpers, or create off the bounce, all at a reliable rate. He’s long, fluid, and showcases toughness around the basket on both ends of the floor. Kuhl can control the action as the primary option or find ways to fill in the gaps, especially given his motor, versatility, and rebounding presence. He will collect offers sooner than later.