The state of North Carolina is ninth in the country in total population with an estimated 10.27 million people per the national census in 2017. The state of North Carolina also carries the 4th most Division 1 basketball programs in the country with 18 total in the state.

In the 2018 NCAA Tournament, the best of the best among college basketball programs, the state of North Carolina sent six (6) schools to the field of 68. This was second only to the state of Texas, who sent seven (7). A recent study put out by the NCAA, which measured the states with the highest percentage of high school boys basketball players recruited by a Division 1 school (number of D1 recruits divided by number of high school basketball players per state), North Carolina had the second most players at 3.6% in the country.

Going back to the 2018 NCAA Tournament, North Carolina produced 47 players who have already played minutes in the event. 25 of these 47 players started for their teams. National Recruiting Analyst Rick Lewis did a study over the previous five (5) years, and he found there are 45 players coming out of North Carolina (per class) at the Division 1 level. Four of the top 15 scorers in NCAA basketball this season played their senior seasons in North Carolina (five if you count Jon Elmore who spent his sophomore and junior seasons in NC).

Of course anyone is able to just flat out say, their state is the best. However, we wanted to start this writing off with concrete evidence that North Carolina produces more talent that anyone else and that talent goes on to college and wins and produces all the while playing at a high (if not the highest) level.

Surprisingly enough, North Carolina is saturated with scouts. Heck the person who really moved the mixtape era to the forefront, Webb Wellman (also made popular the phrase Hoop State) is from North Carolina. He has had major entities such has Elite Mixtapes and Bucket Reel to follow suit in the mix tape culture. There are seven (7) total shoe sponsored teams from North Carolina. By comparison, surrounding states South Carolina has one (1), Virginia has two (2), Tennessee has four (4). To say there is a national spotlight on kids from this state may even be an understatement.

However, the college coaches obviously know about the fertile grounds of recruiting the Hoop State. Yet, even when looking at the five of the NCAA leading scorers who played some high school basketball in North Carolina, none of them were ranked among the top in the country. While proven, the state is still under thought of, especially by the “national scouts”.

Let's combine some of these stats together and take a look at the unique nature of the Hoop State. North Carolina has 18 Division 1 basketball programs in state. 45 prospects per class go on to play Division 1 basketball. The NCAA put out a study showing 3.6% of the high school players in North Carolina go on to play Division 1 basketball. 47 players from North Carolina played minutes in the NCAA tournament .

In looking through the roster of the eighteen (18) Division 1 programs in North Carolina there are only 84 players rostered from North Carolina on these teams. Mind you, there are 269 players rostered for the eighteen (18) programs. This is only 31.22% of the players on rosters.

We have established that there is an incredible amount of talent that comes form the Hoop State. And schools across the country, schools who win in large amounts, recruit talent from North Carolina. However, in looking at rosters from schools in North Carolina, on 31.22% of those players come from North Carolina. Even taking away the Duke and UNC rosters, national brands who are able to regularly attract the best talent from coast to coast, only 32.6% of those programs' rosters are comprised of North Carolina players.

In looking at the numbers, UNC ' Greensboro has the most North Carolina players on their roster with nine (9). Appalachian State carries eight (8) players and Campbell University has seven (7). Every other program in North Carolina carries less the 50% of their roster as North Carolina players.

Looking at the 18 Division 1 programs incoming 2018 classes, and you find that the trend pretty much stays the same. 16 of the 46 players committed or signed to enter the 18 Division 1 programs in North Carolina are from North Carolina. This is only 34.78%.

North Carolina is fortunate enough to have produced players who have produced some of the biggest stories in March Madness this year. Take a look at Rob Gray, from Forest City, NC and he is out in Houston. Nevada, led by Cody and Caleb Martin, from Davie County, NC, has made an improbable run to the Sweet 16. Gary Clark, AAC player of the year at Cincinnati is a Clayton, NC. Clemson has two starters from North Carolina, and two leading scorers, Shelton Mitchell (Waxhaw, NC) and Gabe Devoe (Shelby, NC).

North Carolina produces as much or more talent that any state in the United States'North Carolina players produce and win at the highest level once in college'North Carolina Division 1 programs only have 31.22% of their roster comprised of North Carolina players'Talent wise, there is no doubting North Carolina is truly the Hoop State