Team 4

Coach: Kyree Bethel

#13: 6'1 '24 Jermaurhiyun Anderson (Quality Education)

Starting things off, we look a player who should be among the top new additions to the state, Jermaurhiyun Anderson. He's a tough, heady guard prospect with a strong penetration sense and the ability to consistently finish or make plays within the paint. Anderson absorbs contact well, sets up others as needed, and can knock down jumpers at a respectable rate from the perimeter. He also effectively contains his assignment on defense and understands how to force turnovers by intercepting passing lanes. Anderson is a well-rounded athlete and arguably at his best in the open floor. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Bethel on Anderson: 'Jermaurhiyun is a quick, shifty guard who can make the midrange jumper with consistency. He's capable of making the right pass in transition. Jermaurhiyun was coachable and displayed a positive attitude. Found opportunities within the flow of the action.' Anderson enjoyed a nice showing at camp and should be a very significant addition to Quality Education throughout the foreseeable future. 

#20: 6'5 '22 MJ Collins (Westminster Catawba)

Next, we look at a player who has legitimately taken off over the last calendar year, MJ Collins. He's a smart, skilled, polished wing prospect with phenomenal creation abilities and three-level scoring prowess. Collins possesses a quality frame with the necessary length, quickness, and athleticism to overwhelm opponents on a regular basis. He's arguably at his best when tasked with creating for himself (and others, as needed) and showcasing efficiency from anywhere on the floor. Collins is a quality defender and rebounder with capable vision, off-ball cutting, and a clear understanding of how to operate within the framework of the team. Next in his development process is working to become a better playmaker, as it would only make him more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Bethel on Collins: 'MJ is a dominant guard who can score the ball from all three levels. Coachable and displayed a positive attitude. Able to create his own shot and defend his position.' Collins continued to highlight a lot of ability at camp, and should have a productive senior season as he prepares to further his playing career at Virginia Tech.

#29: 6'4 '22 Chase Lowe (Weddington)

Moving onto a player who remains among the more underrated prospects in the entire state, Chase Lowe. He's a smart, strong, tough wing prospect with an incredibly unique identity and natural leadership qualities on both ends of the floor. Although he stands at a sturdy 6-foot-4, Lowe can genuinely run a successful team from the point guard position. His vision is truly impressive and tends to cause a ton of problems for opposing teams, as he utilizes his body and useful handle to effectively navigate through traffic and consistently access the best available shot. Lowe is a great penetrator with the tools to finish or set up others. He also hits midrange jumpers and in-between shots (runners, floaters, etc.) at a reliable rate. Additionally, Lowe is an excellent defender and rebounds the ball very well for his size/position. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a three-point shooter, as it would make him a nightmare for opponents to contain. Coach Bethel on Lowe: 'Chase is a strong guard that can get downhill and finish with either hand. Sets the tone by example. Plays hard, gets others involved, and creates well for his size.' Lowe did a lot of things well at camp, and is potentially shaping up to be among the bigger steals within North Carolina recruiting as he enters his senior season at Weddington.

#36: 6'5 '24 Hampton Evans (Greenfield)

Continuing onto a player who always seems to find production, regardless of context or setting, Hampton Evans. He's a poised, polished, well-rounded wing prospect with a nice combination of IQ, size, and ability to affect all facets of the game within the flow of the action. Evans is a reliable creator for himself and others, but can also regularly find opportunities as a cutter and spot-up threat. He provides great effort on both ends of the floor, and understands how to outwork his assignment defensively and on the glass. Evans scores the ball with efficiency, makes the extra pass as needed, and simply knows how to make his presence felt. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would make him a better defender against opposing perimeter players. Coach Bethel on Evans: 'Hampton is a high-energy guard that plays with a high motor. Works hard and willing to do the little things. Capable shooter and scorer. Rebounds his position well.' Evans did a variety of things well during his time at camp, and should only maintain his production as a returning leader for Greenfield. 

#45: 6'6 '22 DJ Nix (Cannon)

Next, we look at a player who has continuously made strides within his overall progression over the years, DJ Nix. He's a big, strong, mobile forward prospect with inside-out ability and the tools to alter his approach simply based on matchup. Nix has always been a reliable penetrator, cutter, and rip-through driver, but also shoots the ball at a high percentage from distance and shows a willingness to make the extra pass whenever available. He displays an active motor and quality feel for the game, able to defend multiple positions, operate in various roles offensively, and make his presence consistently felt on the glass. Nix plays a very steady, straightforward game and seems to produce in various different ways. Next in his development process is working to become a craftier ball-handler, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Bethel on Nix: 'DJ is a strong, athletic wing that has the ability to finish or stretch the floor by shooting the deep ball. Plays hard, makes hustle plays, and possesses a fairly well-rounded skillset.' Nix proved to be an asset at camp, and should be a target for various programs over the coming months at Cannon. 

#52: 6'6 '24 Lewis Walker (Winston-Salem Christian)

Moving onto a player who is arguably as skilled and adaptable as anyone within the state, Lewis Walker. He's a strong, smart, well-rounded forward prospect with a tremendous amount of skill and polish for his position. Walker naturally seems to cause matchup problems with his combination of vision, craftiness, and three-level scoring ability. He's fairly mobile and understands how to utilize his perimeter instincts to overwhelm defenders. Walker handles the ball, creates for himself and others, and shows the tools to make an impact from inside the paint or along the perimeter. He's a capable finisher, shooter, and effectively fills in the gaps as a defender. Walker also does a nice job of securing rebounds and pushing transition play. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would only make him more versatile defensively. Coach Bethel on Walker: 'Lewis is a strong, athletic forward who can play above the rim and put the ball on the floor. Displays a great feel and motor. Capable of making plays with the ball in his hands.' Walker highlighted a lot of ability at camp, and should be a major contributor during the upcoming season at Winston-Salem Christian. 

#61: 6'7 '22 Justin Banks (Moravian Prep)

Continuing onto a player whose adaptable, low-maintenance identity should make for a seamless transition into North Carolina, Justin Banks. He's a big, mobile, strong-bodied forward prospect with phenomenal athleticism and the necessary frame to overwhelm opponents. Banks actually excels at the little things, but also possesses a useful collection of skills. He plays with a high motor, blue-collar approach, and visible toughness on both ends of the floor. Banks is a constant threat for lobs in transition and accumulating putback finishes around the basket. He's a great rebounder and finisher with defensive instincts and the ability to cause problems for opponents with his transition presence. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a perimeter shooter, as it would simply add another dynamic to his game. Coach Bethel on Banks: 'Justin is a long forward that plays his role very effectively. He rebounds well and runs the floor hard in transition. Very explosive, mobile player.' Banks enjoyed a terrific showing at camp, and should be an obvious target for various programs as he enters his senior season at Moravian Prep. 

#68: 6'8 '22 Sam Perez (Trinity Academy)

Next, we look at a player who was easily among the most lethal floor-spacing presences on display, Sam Perez. He's a smart, skilled, well-rounded forward prospect with exceptional instincts as a passer and perimeter shooter. Perez's spot-up identity allows him to make an impact without ever requiring the ball, as the threat of his shooting forces opponents to stay attached. However, he can attack closeouts, create for himself or others, and consistently hit shots with varying degrees of difficulty (both off the catch and dribble). Perez is a solid defender and rebounder with an active interior motor and desire to outwork opponents for second-chance points. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would make him a more reliable defender when operating in space. Coach Bethel on Perez: 'Sam is a big wing who can shoot it from deep. He is very consistent from midrange and behind the three-point line. Capable passer and plays with an unselfish nature.' Perez continues to embrace his identity extremely well and should have a productive senior season at Trinity Academy before starting his collegiate career at High Point. 

#77: 6'10 '22 Thomas Tut (Moravian Prep)

Finishing up, we look at a player who possesses an enticing crossroads between productivity and long-term upside, Thomas Tut. He's a long, wiry, fairly skilled forward/post prospect with touch, perimeter shooting, and useful defensive instincts around the basket. Tut is a capable finisher and shot-altering presence with the tools to rebound and effectively run the floor in transition. He's a solid athlete and displays a decent understanding of how to score from the block. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it would only make him more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Bethel on Tut: 'Thomas is a big, long forward who has a lot of upside and potential. He has a soft touch around the basket and shows capabilities as a passer. Skilled for his size. Runs the floor pretty solid in transition.' Although Tut has since departed from North Carolina, he should still be a definite target for various types of college coaches over the next twelve months.