Yes, you read that correctly, 6’3″ sophomore Elijah Jamison is averaging 38 points per game so far this season. With his 46 point outburst last night, Jamison now has scored 49, 46 and 44 points in games already this season and has led his 1A team to come out the gates with a scorching 5-1 record.

To add context to this, Jamison is not a new name. He is an alum of the prestigious North Carolina Top 80 exposure camp, which is an invite only camp for the very best in the Hoop State regardless of class. He also picked up an offer from Ole Miss after playing in Phenom’s David Rose Memorial Day Classic earlier this summer. However, he is a name that many around the region (let alone nationally) still do not know. However, that is about to change.

Jamison is currently ranked 7th in North Carolina’s loaded 2021 class, and should be expecting a bump in our next go-around. In fact, he should be firmly planted among the national Top 100 rankings, in fact he should be in the 50-75 range of the best in the country (and that is conservative). Look a little deeper into his 38 points per game, Jamison is shooting 60% from the field and 35% from beyond the arc. He is also averaging 9.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

After his performance in the 2018 North Carolina Top 80 (this was after his freshman year), we wrote, “Perhaps no point guard touched the paint more often throughout the event than Jamison. He is an athletic, strong bodied lead guard who plays with a great pace. He is a 2-way player who is an aggressive on the ball defender as well. Jamison has good vision and he is able to finish well at the rim, with a nice finishing package. Very eager to watch Jamison continue to grow as a player, as he has some high major tools to work with here.”

Jamison is turning himself into a must watch player for fans and is someone high major coaches, across the country, should familiarize themselves with immediately. Kudos to Ole Miss for being ahead of the curve, but something tells me they will have a lot of company coming shortly.

Jay Anderson got video of his 46 Last Night … Watch: