Team 6

Coach: Ryan Bernardi 

#35: 5'9 '23 Hanif Omar (Jordan)

Starting things off, we look at a player that impacted the game quite well despite being among the youngest and smallest prospects on this team, Hanif Omar. He's a smart, high-motor guard prospect with excellent quickness and phenomenal ability as a three-point shooter. Omar was able to run the team or operate without the ball and found terrific success at either position. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it would make him a more physical defensive player. Coach Bernardi on Omar: 'Hanif was a knockdown shooter all day from beyond the arc. His shooting mechanics and release time were off the charts. He even made three-pointers off the dribble and in the midrange. Hanif was also able to penetrate and finish at the rim. He had great quickness, footwork, and vision. To go with his on-court ability, he had a great team-first mindset and played with tremendous effort. His defense must improve, which will come with strength and more of a defensive focus. He can also work on his left hand.' Omar enjoyed a quality showing at camp and will be a prospect to watch progress over the coming years at Jordan. 

#39: 5'9 '22 Julian Arias (Carmel Christian)

Next, we look at a player that was able to assert himself quite effectively without the ball in his hands, Julian Arias. He's a wiry, team-first guard prospect that typically works to make a scoring impact as a cutter and spot-up threat. Arias plays pretty hard, which is evident on defense and especially as a rebounder'where he consistently outworked bigger opponents. Next in his development process is working to become a more reliable ball-handler, as it would allow him to play either backcourt position with relative ease. Coach Bernardi on Arias: 'In spite of his size, Julian was a very effective player for us. His ability to be coached and willingness to be a facilitator stood out. Also, his ability to knock down catch-and-shoot threes was very impressive, as his form is top-notch. Next in his shooting ability development will be improving the quickness of his release. At his size, ball-handling and passing can improve. One of Julian's most impressive attributes was his rebounding, as he continually stuck his nose in and got big guard rebounds.' Arias did a lot of things well at camp while working within the team, so it'll be exciting to monitor his continued progression going forward. 

#52: 6'0 '21 Benton Wofford (Ardrey Kell)

Moving onto a player that continues to showcase his scoring prowess each time at camp, Benton Wofford. He's a wiry, fairly active guard prospect that simply knows how to assert himself on the offensive end of the floor. Wofford knocks down perimeter jumpers, attacks the basket hard, and makes a ton of plays in transition. Next in his development process is working to become a better passer, as it would make it even easier for him to find scoring opportunities within the flow of the team. Coach Bernardi on Wofford: 'Benton showed excellent flashes all day. His greatest strength was his finishing ability in the paint, specifically on drives and cuts. He uses a solid combination of strength and quickness, allowing him to get paint touches fairly easily. An improvement in ball-handling and court sense would help him become an even better finisher. Benton's effort and attitude were good for us all day. HE could improve on his ability and willingness to make plays for others. His passing is a big area for improvement, as it will help complete his offensive game.' Wofford enjoyed another quality showing at camp and should carve out a useful role sooner than later for Ardrey Kell. 

#72: 6'1 '24 Drake Powell (Woods Charter)

Continuing onto a player that made a pretty strong impression with his overall shooting prowess, Drake Powell. He's a young, smart, wiry guard prospect with great length and the ability to operate with any group of teammates. Powell already has an advanced offensive sense, able to reliably pass, handle, and score in a variety of ways, which makes him very appealing. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Bernardi on Powell: 'Drake was a shooter for us all day. Any time he got into catch-and-shoot situations, we felt good about our chances. As is the case with all shooters, consistency is still an area that could improve, as well as his shooting off the dribble. Drake has great vision and court sense, both for himself and others. He knows how to get to his spot to create a shot for himself. He moved without the ball very well. Drake's defense must improve as he takes the next steps. His effort in transition and alertness off the ball were specific areas for improvement.' Powell was excellent at camp, especially for his age, and should be a prospect to keep an eye on going forward. 

#79: 6'2 '21 Collin Wylie (York Prep)

Next, we look at a player that was arguably the most impressive defensive performer on this team, Collin Wylie. He's a long, wiry wing/forward prospect that plays with toughness and an excellent motor on both ends of the floor. Wylie scores nicely as a penetrator and off-ball cutter, but also through his defense and ability to force turnovers. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a three-point shooter, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Bernardi on Wylie: 'Collin was a pleasure to coach all day. He played with outstanding effort and displayed a high basketball IQ. Collin's best attribute is his defense. He sprinted back in transition, guarded the ball, and was very active off the ball. He is a nice athlete and uses his size, speed, and quickness to really impact the game on the defensive end. Collin's jumper can certainly get better, both in mechanics and confidence. He's a nice prospect that can always find a way onto the court because he can guard.' Wylie was a clear asset during camp and should emerge as a quality contributor during his upcoming season at York Prep.

#80: 6'2 '20 Darien Long (Rolesville)

Moving onto a player that showed a clear willingness to do anything possible to give his team an edge, Darien Long. He's a smart, strong, unselfish forward prospect with the ability to cause mismatches with his combination of skill and physicality. Long is quick, which allows him to get downhill and score effectively in the paint, where he's able to make plays for himself or others. Next in his development process is working to become a craftier passer, as it would make him even tougher to contain with the ball in his hands. Coach Bernardi on Long: 'Darien was an awesome team player all day. He consistently made the right play over and over, more often than not resulting in good plays for others. Darien's release time and shooting mechanics are very solid. He has the potential to be a high-level shooter. He also has great quickness and footwork, allowing him to get paint touches and guard the ball. Darien's overall effort and spirit could have been better. He also needs to focus on his rebounding, as he had the tendency to leak out.' Long did a ton of things well at camp and should have a productive upcoming senior campaign at Rolesville.

#97: 6'4 '21 Bryce Alfino (Davidson Day)

Continuing onto a player that continues to look more and more like a two-way star in the making, Bryce Alfino. He's a big, strong, athletic wing prospect with great IQ, versatility, and a phenomenal amount of skill. Alfino is an excellent defender with great anticipation instincts, the ability to force turnovers, and a clear understanding of how to cause mismatches on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to become a craftier ball-handler, as it would simply take his game to another level. Coach Bernardi on Alfino: 'Bryce is a stud. He epitomizes consistency in all phases of the game. His off-court characteristics'leadership, effort, coachabilitiy, and attitude are all top notch. His defense is excellent, on-ball, off-ball, and in transition. He takes pride in his defense and translates into a next-level stopper. He shot the ball very well at camp and if that continues to be a strength for Bryce, then look out, because he will be a big-time prospect.' Alfino showcased his full arsenal yet again at camp and could be poised for a breakout upcoming season at Davidson Day.

#110: 6'7 '20 Fermin Borbua-Watson (Mount Zion)

Next, we look at a player that possesses a fantastic crossroads between productivity and long-term upside, Fermin Borbua-Watson. He's a long, wiry, extremely active post prospect that knows how to rebound and protect the rim at a reliable rate. Borbua-Watson operated and scored very well from the block and ran the floor properly in transition. Next in his development process is working on adding a pick-and-pop three-pointer to his arsenal, as it would allow him to stretch the floor whenever necessary. Coach Bernardi on Borbua-Watson: 'I would want to coach Fermin all day, every day. His intangibles were off the charts from start to finish. He communicated, hustled, accepted criticism well and was a high-level teammate. Fermin has nice touch in the paint and showcased a nice post game, especially to his strong hand. He finished very well all day. His transition defnse and rim-protection are huge strengths of his, as effort plays a big role in that. Next for Fermin will be working on his overall range and expanding his skill level.' Borbua-Watson was excellent at camp and should be one to keep an eye on throughout his upcoming senior campaign at Mount Zion. 

#116: 6'10 '21 Zachary Stone (Victory Christian)

 Finishing up, we look at a player offers a ton of appeal with his skill level and clear potential, Zachary Stone. He's a long, wiry big man prospect that can score in a variety of different ways and assert himself as a matchup problem from inside or outside of the arc. Stone possesses a high IQ and terrific defensive timing, which allows him to protect the rim and secure rebounds at a consistent rate. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it would make him a more physical interior presence on both ends of the floor. Coach Bernardi on Stone: 'Zach was a great overall player for us all day, both in on-court ability and off-court intangibles. His effort and basketball IQ were very high. He was very coachable and understands what it takes to win. Zach was another strong post presence for our team. He established position very well and finished with both hands at a high level. Zach was a great rebounder for us all day. He relentlessly pursued the ball and had a knack for loose balls. He even showcased an ability to make shots from distance. Although this is a skill, Zach should work them in within the flow of the offense.' Stone showcased a lot of appeal during camp and should be a prospect to watch over these next two seasons, as he could certainly break out.