Team 8

Coach: Ryan Bernardi

#63: 5’9 ’22 Isaiah Smith (Southwest Guilford)

Starting things off, we look at a player that made a strong impression with his vision and two-way motor, Isaiah Smith. He’s a smart, energetic lead guard prospect with quickness and tremendous playmaking instincts, which allows him to setup others at a nonstop rate. Smith is a capable scorer but really shined when setting up others and working hard on defense. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a three-point shooter, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Bernardi on Smith: “Isaiah is an elite passer. He did an unbelievable job of making the right play with some flash to it. His understanding of help and teammates’ strengths makes him a great lead guard. He led from the bench and on the court, and he sets the ton with his effort. Isaiah’s shooting can improve in order to become a more complete player. He is a solid defender due to his high-level quickness and ability to explode. As he gets closer to the basket, his percentages improve from the field. He is good with his midrange pull-up and floater. I would love to see how good Isaiah could be with a consistent three-point stroke.” Smith continues to get better with each new viewing and should be an impact player this season for Southwest Guilford.

#65: 5’9 ’21 Thyrien McCollum (Hoke County)

Next, we look at a player that worked extremely hard during his time at camp, Thyrien McCollum. He’s a big, strong-bodied guard prospect with unselfishness, some nice post moves, and solid on-ball defense. McCollum worked within the flow of the team and made nice passes to open teammates whenever possible. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a finisher, as it would allow him to capitalize in transition and on dump-off passes. Coach Bernardi on McCollum: “Thyrien was an awesome kid that tried his best throughout the entire day. He was completely committed to the team’s success and demonstrated that with his demeanor. His next step in his development will be to improve his motor, which will allow him to pursue rebounds, loose balls, and run the floor better. He can also work on his perimeter jumper but showed flashes of being able to finish in the paint by using his physicality and frame. He is not afraid to bang down low and does so effectively.” McCollum had some quality flashes during camp and should continue working to maximize his potential going forward. 

#83: 5’11 ’22 Jackson Helms (Northern Guilford)

Moving onto a player that was arguably the main glue-guy of this team during camp, Jackson Helms. He’s a smart, heady, scrappy two-way point guard prospect with a quality balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Helms simply thrives in the open floor, where he’s able to zoom past most opponents and make plays for himself and others within the paint. Next in his development process is working on becoming a craftier passer, as it would make him a more complete floor general. Coach Bernardi on Helms: “Jackson got better as the day went along. He is the ultimate team player, great attitude and coachable kid. The beautiful thing about him is he has all of the physical attributes plus the skillset to complement that. He has a sweet jumper from 15-23 feet, both off the catch and dribble. He was a workhorse defensively on the ball and on the glass. I really thought he emptied the tank each time he was on the court. He can work to get better with his left hand and become a better finisher to take the next step in his development.” Helms was phenomenal throughout camp and will be a major contributor throughout the upcoming season for Northern Guilford. 

#84: 5’11 ’23 Clinton Young (Rock Hill)

Continuing onto a player that showcased his ability to do a strong amount of everything, Clinton Young. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with a quality IQ and skillset, especially for his age. Young is a reliable three-point shooter with nice ball-handling skills and the ability to force an abundance of turnovers on defense. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would allow him to find even more scoring opportunities as an off-ball cutter. Coach Bernardi on Young: “Clinton is a jack-of-all-trades. In our first game, he hit a three-pointer in the ball screen, made a great pass, was fouled driving to the rim, and had multiple great defensive moments. He was impressive all day with his ability to make shots from different spots and actions. He also has the chance to be a plus-defender due to his physical attributes and willingness to defend. Clinton has no glaring weaknesses in his game. He can work on becoming more explosive, both vertically and horizontally. He can also spend time watching film to get a better understanding of the game. He was a pleasure to coach.” Young enjoyed a great showing at camp and has the tools to be an immediate impact player at Rock Hill. 

#86: 5’11 ’23 Troy Scarborough (Southwest Guilford)

Next, we look at a player that displayed a fairly strong array of skills, particularly for his age, Troy Scarborough. He’s a smart, skilled offensive player with the ability to score efficiently from anywhere inside the arc. Scarborough plays with great effort on defense and was able to consistently outwork bigger opponents for rebounds on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to improve his on-ball defense, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Bernardi on Scarborough: “Troy was a solid player for us all day, a pleasure to coach. He was very vocal throughout the day and was a true team player. When he was aggressive, he displayed flashes of two-way effectiveness that excited our team. A big step in his development will be his confidence to be aggressive and take chances. He can improve his ball-handling, which will lead to increased ball security. He can also defend better and take greater pride in his defense.” Scarborough did plenty of things well at camp, especially for his age, and should be able to carve out a useful role sooner than later for Southwest Guilford.

#101: 6’1 ’22 Patrick Schwaba (Pine Lake Prep)

Moving onto a player that was among the most reliable shooters/scorers on this team, Patrick Schwaba. He’s a wiry, unselfish guard prospect that knows how to spot-up or find scoring opportunities as a cutter. Schwaba scores regularly from all three levels but works within the flow of the team and proved capable of containing his assignment on defense. Next in his development process is working on his productivity as a rebounder, as he has the necessary tools to grab the board and immediately push the break in transition. Coach Bernardi on Schwaba: “Patrick displayed an ability to score at all three levels throughout the day. He made three-pointers, had multiple pull-ups, and got in the paint as well. He needs to be slightly more aggressive in the flow of the action to be a higher impact player. Aggressive doesn’t always mean shooting, just trying to get downhill on every catch to utilize his skillset and high basketball IQ. His transition defense and off-ball defense should become a high priority for him as he could impact the game there as well.” Schwaba enjoyed a nice showing at camp and will be another quality scorer/shooter on one of the best shooting programs in Pine Lake Prep. 

#102: 6’1 ’23 Walker Woodall (Jordan)

Continuing onto a player that made a pretty strong impression with his ability to shoot the ball, Walker Woodall. He’s a young, strong-bodied guard prospect that displays a terrific feel for the game and his overall skillset. Woodall is a great passer and unselfish player that looks to keep the ball moving, but also knows how to properly take advantage of spot-up opportunities from along the perimeter. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him a more lethal penetrating threat. Coach Bernardi on Woodall: “Walker is a knockdown shooter with great form and a quick release. He knows how to find openings and space when the ball is being driven. He makes plays for his teammates with his passing and screening, an example of his basketball IQ. Walker can work on his quickness and conditioning to take the next steps in his development. If he does these two things, it will help his attacking and defensive abilities. His shooting is such a weapon that if he were quicker he would be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams.” Woodall was among the best shooters at camp and will be one to watch grow over the coming years at Jordan. 

#119: 6’3 ’21 Kellen Vestal (Page)

Next, we look at a player that was able to stand out as an asset on and off the court throughout the day, Kellen Vestal. He’s a smart, strong-bodied wing/forward prospect with a high motor and nice two-way presence. Vestal scored the ball extremely well from within the arc, regularly highlighting his touch around the basket and quality midrange jumper. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him a more reliable on-ball defender. Coach Bernardi on Vestal: “Kellen was an unbelievably positive influence for our team all day. He talked and encouraged his teammates and really pulled for us to win. Kellen was effective as a rim-protector. His form is somewhat unorthodox but the results proved it wrong, as he made multiple three-pointers throughout the day. Kellen also made multiple plays for his teammates. He can get quicker and improve his vertical athleticism to take his game to the next level. He also could improve his showing mechanics to become even more consistent.” Vestal made a quality impact during camp and should have a productive upcoming season at Page. 

#121: 6’3 ’21 Walter Ghaffar (Lumberton)

Moving onto a player that really stood out with his nonstop two-way motor throughout camp, Walter Ghaffar. He’s a long, athletic, skilled wing prospect that knows how to naturally make hustle plays on both ends of the floor. Ghaffar scored the ball efficiently from all three levels, but stood out more with his defense and incredible rebounding instincts. Next in his development process is working to tighten his handle, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Bernardi on Ghaffar: “Walter has one thing that absolutely jumps off the page, his effort. He plays as hard as he can on every single possession on both sides of the ball. He is a great rebounder that gets multiple possessions with loose balls and stops transition attacks from the opposing team with his hustle back. His jumper was a pleasant surprise, as he made a few jumpers from three-point territory and in the midrange. Walter must take better care of the ball, make reads, and let the game come to him more. He also can improve his left hand.” Ghaffar was spectacular at camp, securing the Mr. Hustle award in dominant fashion, and should have an extremely productive upcoming season at Lumberton.

#141: 6’9 ’23 Callum Richard (Gaston Day)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was arguably the most enticing long-term prospect in attendance, Callum Richard. He’s a wiry, unselfish, extremely polished post prospect with IQ, touch, and the ability to make a strong impact on both ends of the floor. Richard finishes, runs the floor, and knows how to man the middle defensively. His patience and fluidity is undeniably impressive at his age. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it’ll help prepare him for the next level. Coach Bernardi on Richard: “Callum is a young big man that is oozing with potential. He finishes at a very high level with both hands in the paint. He is a physical rebounder that boxes-out on every possession and has soft hands. He is not a block hole when we threw it to him in the post, as he knows when to kick and when to score. He also protects the rim very well, both by blocking and altering shots. The next step for Callum will be improving his quickness and confidence in his jumper. If he can switch onto guards and pick-and-pop, Callum will be a very successful player for years to come.” Richard displayed some high-level flashes during camp, securing the Mr. Station award with relative ease, and is definitely a prospect for college coaches to monitor going forward.