North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Session Two Evaluations


Team 2

Coach: Josh Thompson


#3:5’7 ’22 Isaiah Smith (High Point, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that knows how to provide his team with great energy, Isaiah Smith. He’s a young point guard prospect that works extremely hard on the court and will do whatever necessary to give his team an edge. Smith shot the ball fairly often and knocked down numerous shots off the dribble. He penetrated well inside the paint, but will need to add strength in order to properly finish amongst size. Smith fights hard on defense and did a nice job of pursuing rebounds on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to make efficient use out of every possession, in order to be a more reliable player. Coach Thompson on Smith: “Isaiah is a great energy guy that pursues the ball well. He often tries to do too much with the ball in his hands and should work to improve his ball-handling and overall decision-making.” Smith should be able to continue improving over the coming years, especially if he’s willing to put in the necessary work.



#32:5’11 ’19 Ian Martino (Huntersville, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to make a terrific two-way impact during his time at camp, Ian Martino. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect that showed the ability to handle the ball and attack the rim. Martino displayed a willingness to pass to open teammates whenever possible, but wasn’t afraid to take advantage of favorable scoring opportunities. He’s pretty quick and moves his feet nicely on defense to contain his assignment. Martino rebounded well for his position and pushed transition play nicely. Next in his development process is working to become a more polished creator, as it would allow him to play as the main floor general whenever necessary. Coach Thompson on Martino: “Ian worked hard and effectively entered the paint throughout camp. He finished strong around the basket and made a worthwhile impression on defense, using his quick hands to force several steals.” Martino could be a prospect worth keeping an eye on during his senior season, considering how solid he performed at camp.



#64: 6’0 ’20 Landon Sutton (High Point, NC)

Moving onto a player that was able to really overwhelm opponents throughout the day, Landon Sutton. He’s a combo-guard prospect that is capable of lighting it up from all levels while maintaining a strong IQ and team-first approach. Sutton is a smooth shooter with great efficiency, but also shows great craftiness when attacking and finishing around the basket. He’s a clever passer that really excels in transition. Sutton is a solid overall defender with nice anticipation instincts for forcing turnovers. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it’ll allow him to absorb more contact around the basket. Coach Thompson on Sutton: “Landon has a great feel for the game and understands his skillset well. He’s super-skilled and a phenomenal shooter with a high IQ, making him quite difficult for opponents to contain.” Sutton is a very well-rounded guard that is capable of dominating any given contest and looked quite poised for an extremely productive upcoming season.



#67:6’1 ’20 Collin Guilford (Greenville, NC)

Continuing onto a player that highlighted his playmaking abilities throughout the day, Collin Guilford. He’s a point guard prospect with a nice handle and overall feel for being a floor general. Offensively, Guilford is capable of knocking down open shots, but truly excels when attacking the rim and looking to finish through contact. He’s a solid defender that displays great attention to detail when slotted off-ball, where he forced majority of his steals. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a shooter from midrange and three-point territory, as it would add a new wrinkle to his offensive game. Coach Thompson on Guilford: “Collin was able to get better during each passing contest. He’s a very good passer with nice court vision. He’s very active on defense and both sides of the glass. Collin is shifty and utilizes his body well when penetrating.” Guilford performed quite well in his role and showed flashes of a college-level prospect.



#69:6’0 ’21 Glenwood Robinson (Mooresville, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to contribute, but is just beginning to realize his two-way potential, Glenwood Robinson. He’s an athletic guard prospect that was able to make plays on both ends of the floor at camp. Offensively, Robinson primarily looks to get downhill and attack the rim, but also showed the ability to operate without the ball and find seams within the defense. He possesses solid quickness and utilized it well on defense to stay in front of his on-ball assignment. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his jumper, as he could become a college-level prospect with an improved offensive arsenal. Coach Thompson on Robinson: “Glenwood is a good athlete and defender, but should continue working to polish his perimeter shot and solidify a go-to scoring move.” Robinson was able to contribute nicely during his time at camp and should continue working to maximize his intriguing skillset over the next few years.



#99:6’2 ’21 Ryan Roberts (Graham, NC)

Moving onto a player that is just beginning to scratch the surface of his two-way abilities, Ryan Roberts. He’s a strong-bodied wing prospect that offers an excellent blend of shooting and ball-handling. Offensively, Roberts displayed a high IQ and the ability to thrive with or without the ball. He applied great pressure as a spot-up threat while also consistently generating scoring chances off the bounce. Roberts showcased nice vision and a willingness to make the right pass whenever possible. He defended his position well throughout the day, forcing multiple turnovers and pushing transition play. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it’ll make him a more versatile defender, given his size. Coach Thompson on Roberts: “Ryan is a pretty solid all-around player, able to impact the game in various ways without forcing the action. He passed and shot the ball nicely at camp.” Roberts is already quite productive, but should continue building on his quality foundation over the next few years.



#109: 6’7 ’21 Tre’lin Harper (Asheville, NC)

Continuing onto a player that utilizes his body exceptionally well to affect various facets of the game, Tre’lin Harper. He’s a strong, mobile big man with a nice crossroads between productivity and long-term potential. Harper typically operates around the basket and finishes pretty well out of the post. He scored quite often when running the floor in transition and on second-chance opportunities from offensive rebounds. Harper plays hard and willingly sacrifices his body on both ends of the floor, altering shots, pursuing loose balls, and doing whatever his team needs. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his polish as a ball-handler and scorer outside the paint, as it would make him a more versatile offensive threat. Coach Thompson on Harper: “Tre’lin is a strong-bodied big man that uses both hands well and excels when working with his back to the basket. He needs to continue improving on his ability to finish through contact.” Harper has an abundance of tools and should continue sharpening his skillset in order to maximize his two-way abilities.



#134:6’4 ’21 Jacob Morgan (Pine Lake, NC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased a lot of offensive talent and two-way upside at camp, Jacob Morgan. He’s a wiry wing/forward prospect with nice length and the ability to outwork his assignment on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Morgan displays a nice IQ and knows how to score efficiently on all three levels. He attacks defenses in a variety of ways and will throw in deceptive counter moves whenever necessary. Morgan is a quality spot-up threat from midrange and three-point territory, but also shows a strong willingness to ball-fake and finish at the rim. He displays solid positioning on defense and rebounds the ball well, but should be even more effective upon adding strength. Next in his development process is working on his quickness, as it would make him a more dynamic threat off the dribble. Coach Thompson on Morgan: “Jacob is a smart all-around player that scored pretty nicely from penetration and when spotting-up from beyond the arc. He needs to continue getting stronger to maximize his abilities.” Morgan could be another prospect to keep an eye on in the loaded Class of 2021.



#137:6’4 ’20 Justin Kuthan (Denver, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that possesses a strong amount of long-term potential, Justin Kuthan. He’s a forward prospect with decent size and the ability to stretch the floor. Offensively, Kuthan makes his strongest impact when spotting-up along the perimeter and efficiently knocking down shots from midrange and beyond the arc. He moves well without the ball and displayed a solid understanding of spacing. Kuthan played well within the team concept and looked to make the right pass whenever possible. Next in his development process is working on his ball-handling abilities, as it would make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Thompson on Kuthan: “Justin has some nice potential, but there are times that he floats too much and is unable to truly impact the game. He needs to work on developing a go-to scoring move.” Kuthan showcased a lot of useful tools at camp and should continue working to expand his two-way skillset over the next few years.