North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations


Team 7

Coach Donovan Perry


#66: 5’6 ’22 Jackson Hartzell (Summerfield, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that truly bought into the team concept and made his presence felt, Jackson Hartzell. He’s a young guard prospect that understands his role within a team and does an excellent job of spotting-up around the perimeter. Hartzell doesn’t force the action with the ball in his hands, always looking for open teammates and typically making the correct pass. He displayed great effort on defense and made multiple plays as a result. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would help balance his overall approach to the game. Coach Perry on Hartzell: “Jackson is a smart ball player. He really spreads the floor on offense and can shoot the ball, especially from beyond the arc. Jackson really gets after it defensively. He has the ability to make the right passes out of the pick-and-roll. Jackson can improve his ball-handling and rebounding. He has a very positive attitude.” Hartzell proved that his positive attitude and willingness to make the hustle plays paid off during camp.



#98:5’10 ’20 Brody Hunley (Church Hill, TN)

Next, we look at a player that works hard and knows how to impact a game on both ends of the floor, Brody Hunley. He’s a guard prospect with a calm demeanor and terrific motor. Offensively, Hunley is able to move well without the ball and pick his spots; he is a capable shooter that can score off the catch or dribble. He displayed great effort on defense and was able to contain his assignment decently well. Next in his development process is working on his penetration ability, as it would add a new dimension to his offensive approach. Coach Perry on Hunley: “Brody is a very coachable player. He really works hard the entire game. He’s very active and rebounds quite well for his position. Brody could improve his ball-handling. He’s a good on-ball defender that works hard. Brody showed the ability to shoot the three-pointer throughout the day.” Hunley has great awareness and is able to coexist with virtually any group of teammates.



#112:5’11 ’22 Jefferson McLamb (Lexington, NC)

Moving onto a player that showcased a strong amount of long-term potential during his time at camp, Jefferson McLamb. He’s a young guard prospect that plays with a strong motor and knows how to apply constant pressure without the ball. McLamb drives hard and is able to knock down open shots whenever necessary. He makes transition defense a priority and looked to be the first man back throughout the day. Next in his development process is continuing to become a more consistent scorer, as it would allow him to see more touches on offense. Coach Perry on McLamb: “Jefferson plays very hard at all times. He finishes well around the rim and in traffic. He can shoot the ball well from midrange and three-point territory. His ball-handling could continue to improve as well as his on-ball defense. He plays good off-ball defense.” McLamb is just beginning to scratch the surface of his abilities and should continue working to maximize his two-way skillset.



#133:6’0 ’19 Nathan Yow (Sanford, NC)

Continuing onto a player that simply understands how to properly run a team on both sides of the ball, Nathan Yow. He’s a point guard prospect that makes efficient use of his touches and displays a terrific IQ. Yow is a quality playmaker and scorer, allowing him to seamlessly toggle between either guard position and still make an impact. He can shoot the ball exceptionally well from midrange and three-point territory, especially when spotting-up. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would make him a more useful rebounder. Coach Perry on Yow: “Nathan is a coaches dream at point guard. He can flat-out shoot the ball. Nathan can score at all levels and possesses the ability to get into the lane, where he makes the right passes to properly set up his teammates. He can continue to get stronger defensively. His teammates love playing with him.” Yow showed extended stretches of a college-level prospect at camp and should be one to keep an eye on throughout his senior season.



#158:6’2 ’20 Chase Dawkins (Steadman, NC)

Next, we look at a player with an excellent offensive skillset and overall feel for the game, Chase Dawkins. He’s an athletic wing prospect with three-level scoring ability, able to consistently create offense and make plays for others. Offensively, Dawkins possesses a great three-piont stroke, but will also drive and play above the rim whenever possible. He regularly makes the right read and moves extremely well without the ball. Dawkins is a decent defender that can force some on-ball steals. Next in his development process is improving his footwork, as it would make him an even more complete player. Coach Perry on Dawkins: “Chase “Heat Check” Dawkins is a true shooter! He showed the ability to score effectively at all levels. He was lights out from beyond the arc. Chase can continue to improve his ball-handling and rebounding. He gives it his all the entire time. Chase keeps the energy level up and spreads it to everyone else.” Dawkins was among the top offensive players on this team and should be monitored closely throughout the upcoming season.



#171:6’2 ’19 Torien Oglesby (Gaffney, SC)

Moving onto a player that made a strong effort to affect every single facet of the game, Torien Oglesby. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect with nice athleticism and the ability to consistently get by opponents. Offensively, Oglesby is able to knock down shots from inside the arc, but his ability to apply pressure as a penetrator is certainly his most reliable scoring avenue. His attitude is fantastic and he plays with excellent energy on both sides of the ball. Oglesby is a great rebounder that has a nose for the ball. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from three-point territory, as it would make him even more dangerous on offense. Coach Perry on Oglesby: “Torien is a very strong lead guard. He’s quite active on the defensive end and brings constant communication to both sides of the ball. He has a really good midrange game and can finish in traffic. Torien could improve his off-ball defense. He rebounds well for his position, and stays calm and positive.” Oglesby enjoyed a nice showing at camp and should continue steadily improving throughout his senior campaign.



#178:6’3 ’21 Glenn Bynum Jr. (Charlotte, NC)

Continuing onto a player that received an abundance of votes for awards and eventually took home the Mr. Hustle trophy, Glenn Bynum Jr. He’s a young, athletic guard prospect that showed flashes of brilliance throughout his time at camp. Offensively, Bynum has gone from a shooter to a scorer and now possesses the ability to overwhelm most opponents in his path. He’s still very efficient as a spot-up threat from beyond the arc, but didn’t shoot particularly well in this showing. Instead, he overwhelmed opponents and got to the rim whenever he desired, finishing strong through most contact. His motor is great and he showed true defensive prowess at camp. Next in his development process is staying positive on the court, as it’ll allow him to become more of a two-way leader. Coach Perry on Bynum: “Glenn is one hard-working player. He has a high motor and is always hustling. Glenn is a dog on defense, constantly bothering his assignment and forcing turnovers. He can really get to the rim and finish. His shooting mechanics could use some work. He displayed his athleticism on both ends of the court and rebounds really well for his position.” Bynum was among the top players at camp and should start enjoy the early stages of his recruiting process this season.



#204:6’4 ‘20 Martin Vukotic (Rabun Gap, GA)

Next, we look at a player that simply knows how to create havoc on the basketball floor, Martin Vukotic. He’s a long, wiry forward prospect with sneaky-athleticism and the ability to operate with any group of teammates. Offensively, Vukotic was able to knock down open shots fairly often while purposefully running the floor in transition. He showed flashes of playing above the rim and utilized his length very well to finish above the outstretched arms of opponents. Vukotic doesn’t force the action and plays with a consistent team-first approach. Next in his development process is working on his low-post game, as he has enough size to take advantage of favorable matchups. Coach Perry on Vukotic: “Martin is a very coachable player. He hustles the entire time. He rebounds very well and showed the ability to play above the rim. Martin needs to continue to work on his ball-handling and shot-selection. He is a great teammate.” Vukotic should be able to gradually improve over his final two years in high school and could be a prospect worth keeping an eye on.



#223:6’7 ’20 Ethan Young (Hope Mills, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was willing to do whatever necessary to provide his team with an edge, Ethan Young. He’s a mobile big man with solid athleticism and pretty well-rounded skillset. Offensively, Young focuses on establishing position on the low block, where he’s capable of finishing decently well with either hand. He runs the floor very well and understands how to utilize his size against smaller opponents. Young was the best all-around defender on this team, especially considering how many blocks and steals he accumulated. Next in his development process is working on the makings of his jumper, as a reliable midrange stroke could make his recruitment skyrocket. Coach Perry on Young: “Ethan is a rebounding and shot-blocking machine. He has good hands and a nice jump-hook. His midrange jumper could use some improvement. Ethan has a high motor and never stops working. He’s very coachable and was a good teammate throughout the day.” Young is a quality prospect that works hard at all times and should continue improving over the next two seasons.