North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations


Team 2

Coach Richardson


#61: 5’4 ’21 Kaiwuan Fletcher (Raleigh, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that consistently produced on both ends of the floor, Kaiwuan Fletcher. He’s a small, quick point guard prospect with a nice feel for the game, which allows him to do a lot, despite a lack of great size. Offensively, Fletcher offers a strong balance of shooting and penetration while doing an excellent job of getting his teammates constantly involved in the action. He displays a tight handle and has the ability to outwork opponents for extra possessions. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from beyond the arc, as it would make him an even more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Richardson on Fletcher: “Kaiwuan has good court vision and knows how to get his teammates involved. He plays very good on-ball defense. Kaiwuan is strong off the dribble and can create his own shot. He’s a pass-first guard, but definitely a threat to score as well.” Fletcher is a quality two-way contributor and should be able to make a strong impact during his upcoming sophomore season.



#102:5’10 ’19 Shawn Young Jr. (Rock Hill, SC)

Next, we look at player that was able to lead his team in various different ways during camp, Shawn Young Jr. He’s an athletic guard prospect with a strong frame and the ability to bother opponents with his scoring arsenal. Young moves well without the ball and is a terrific spot-up threat; he can initiate offense for himself or others and plays with an excellent motor on both ends of the floor. He is a well-rounded defender that does a great job of containing his assignment on and off-ball. Next in his development process is continuing to hone his playmaking skills, as it would allow him to score more effectively within the flow of the game. Coach Richardson on Young: “Shawn is a lefty with a nice stroke. He has a smooth game and is deceptively quick. If you give him time to shoot, he’s going to knock it down at a very high percentage. He can get to the rim at will. Shawn was very coachable and accepts criticism.” Young is entering his final season in high school, but could be a candidate to enjoy a breakout year.



#106:5’11 ’21 Chas Stinson (Matthews, NC)

Moving onto a player that possesses a great motor and takes genuine pride in his presence on both ends of the floor, Chas Stinson. He’s a long-bodied guard prospect with quickness and the ability to consistently generate offense for himself and others. Stinson can play either guard spot, allowing him to highlight his penetration and efficient shooting from the perimeter. He’s a nice ball-handler with playmaking instincts and the ability to make the right pass at the correct time. Stinson is a well-rounded defender with quality anticipation for jumping into passing lanes. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his spot-up ability, as he can continue to become more consistent off the catch. Coach Richardson on Stinson: “Chas has a smooth game and is good in transition. He has a nice handle and can get to the rim with ease. He plays with great pace and under control. Chas is very coachable and is a great team player.” Stinson is a nice two-way player and could be a prospect to keep an eye on over the next few seasons.


#128:6’0 ’20 Jaxzen Laws (Weaverville, NC)

Continuing onto a player that brought an excellent attitude and team-first approach to camp, Jaxzen Laws. He’s a pretty well-rounded guard prospect that does a great job of operating without the ball. Offensively, Laws usually spots-up around the perimeter and knocks down open shots whenever possible. He can handle the ball and is able to make the correct pass to open teammates on penetration attempts. Laws is a pretty scrappy defender and displays a quality feel for the game on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working on his ability to score off the dribble, as it would make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Richardson on Laws: “Jaxzen is a solid guard that has a nice shot. He hit a lot of open shots throughout the day through moving and relocating with the ball. Jaxzen also knocked down looks in transition.” Laws knows how to contribute to a team without forcing the issue or stepping outside of the team concept, which allowed him to enjoy nice success at camp.



#163:6’2 ’20 Jay Hladik (Chapel Hill, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was extremely productive and showed high-level flashes throughout camp, Jay Hladik. He’s a strong, athletic wing prospect that can do a strong amount of everything on the court. Offensively, Hladik showed his ability to consistently create offense, get downhill, attack the rim, and score efficiently from all three levels. He played above the rim whenever possible and was a true menace on defense. Hladik is an excellent rebounder for his position and was able to impact virtually every facet of the game. Next in his development process is continuing to tighten his handle, as it would allow him to take on even more offensive responsibility. Coach Richardson on Hladik: “Jay is a freakish athlete that was arguably the best player on our team throughout the day. He gave max effort on every play and has amazing leaping ability. He has a nice jumper to go along with his athleticism and can even stretch opponents out beyond the three-point line. Jay has a sneaky handle that can catch you by surprise and plays with a high motor. He had a great attitude and was a two-way team player all day.” Hladik had an impressive showing at camp and should look to build off his strong foundation going forward.


#166:6’2 ’19 Mantvydas Jasiunas (Rabun Gap, GA)

Moving onto a player that brings a lot of flair, encouragement, and excitement to a team, Mantvydas Jasiunas. He’s a point guard prospect with nice size and an intriguing approach to the game. Offensively, Jasiunas looks to create scoring opportunities for his teammates however possible and possesses a deceptive nature about himself. He plays really hard and is willing to do whatever necessary to provide his team with an edge. Jasiunas is a solid defender that does a nice job of moving his feet and eliminating space. Next in his development process is working on his precision as a passer; he has great vision, but can often force the issue. Coach Richardson on Jasiunas: “Mantvydas is a good, solid player. He’s a great teammate that supports his team. He’s a decent shooter and playmaker. Mantvydas could use better judgment on his passes, but that’s his biggest glaring weakness currently.” Jasiunas’ unselfish approach consistently elevates the level of his team, both on and off the court. It’ll be interesting to see how Jasiunas’ senior season unfolds.


#213:6’5 ’20 Ethan Hefner (Asheville, NC)

Continuing onto a player with a nice blend of motor, athleticism, and two-way intensity, Ethan Hefner. He’s a wing prospect with a quality frame and the ability to wreak havoc whenever he desires. Offensively, Hefner was able to create for himself and others while getting to the rim and finishing at a healthy rate. He is a capable spot-up shooter from midrange and beyond the arc; he moves well without the ball and displays a great understanding for the game. Hefner utilizes his size and athleticism extremely well to defend and rebound. Next in his development process is becoming a more consistent shooter off the dribble, as it would make him very difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Richardson on Hefner: “Ethan is a two-way player! He has a nice pace to his game. He can get to the hoop and has the leaping ability to dunk in transition or on a defender. Ethan has a nice shot and a decent handle. He’s a highlight waiting to happen. If he is confident, then he’s dangerous, but he must focus on staying involved in the game.” Hefner is an intriguing prospect and could be poised for a breakout junior season.


#216:6’5 ’20 Karson Mitchell (High Point, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to consistently prove his worth on both ends of the floor, Karson Mitchell. He’s a big, strong tweener forward prospect that plays with a terrific motor and knows how to cause problems for opponents on the glass. Offensively, Mitchell typically operates around the basket and can bully smaller matchups with his low-post game. He also displayed the ability to step out to the perimeter and knock down open shots or get downhill and finish at the rim. Mitchell rebounded the ball very well throughout the day and pushed transition play whenever possible. He made strong contributions on defense and was a great on-ball defender with strong instincts. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would make him a more dynamic creator on offense. Coach Richardson on Mitchell: “Karson is a solid big man that finishes strong around the rim. He’s a very good rebounder that uses his big frame very well. Conditioning can be better, but he uses what he has well. If he catches down low, it’s an easy two points.” Mitchell appears to have a pretty nice blend of production and long-term potential, which should make his upcoming junior season quite interesting.



#237:7’1 ’19 Nikola Vuksanovic (Rabun Gap, GA)

Finishing up, we look at a player that simply towers over the competition, regardless of opponent, Nikola Vuksanovic. He’s a true center prospect with elite size and the ability to utilize it on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Vuksanovic does a nice job of operating out of the low post and displaying touch with either hand. He’s aggressive and plays with a nice chip on his shoulder, leading his team in an enforcer role. Vuksanovic fights for every rebound and secures a pretty fair amount. He runs the floor well and is able to alter and block shots pretty often around the basket. Next in his development process is working on his ability to stretch the floor, as he showed flashes of a formidable midrange and three-point stroke throughout the day. Coach Richardson on Vuksanovic: “Nikola is a decent ball-handler for his height. He’s dominant down low and commands a double-team. He needs work on his hands and catching, but once he gets the ball, he usually finishes. Nikola is also a good passer from the post. At his height, he runs the floor hard, but maybe conditioning is needed. He has tremendous upside.” There is simply no ignoring Vuksanovic’s massive size and potential, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares this upcoming season.