Number 142 from Team #7 Derek Young Jr. Class of 2020 6'3

This kid is very young, but he is a very smooth and very skilled at a young age.' He’s terrific at getting in the lane and creating for teammates or finishing himself. He has range on his shot to 19 feet and possesses excellent court vision. At his size as a young player, there are few that can match his almost 7 foot wingspan that makes him a great defender…

Number 147 from Team #2 Tavis Bridges class of 2020. 6'4

Tavis Bridges is a raw talent and has a tremendous amount of skill sets that are yet to be developed.' One thing we saw Bridges has great hands; you can’t coach that. At 6'4 he is able to catch the ball and finish well around the basket. He is good in traffic but needs to put on some pounds and develop his upper body to take more contact.' He runs the floor and is good in transition but also has a nice 10 foot jumper in and around the basket. At a young age, he has learned how to do two things well.' He is a master of angles when posting up and he has also figured out how to use the glass as well as anybody we saw all weekend. Has a sweet bank shot, a drop step hook off the glass with a baby bank hook in the lane. Long and athletic with an almost 7 foot wingspan that makes him a great defender. He is just hard to get around or to shoot over him.

Number 148 from Team #1 Tyren Clark class of 2018. 6’4

Clark is a sweet shooter that can knock down jumpers all over the floor with range past the arc. He also has a nice floater when he gets deep in the lane where he is also a threat to deliver the ball to an open teammate when he draws multiple defenders. Needs to work on his defensive play. This guy can give you 20 points, but may give up 25 on the other end.' Will need to get better with his on the ball defense and his transition defense.

Number 150 Team #6 Torey James. Class of 2018. 6’4

James is a power guard who give you points in a lot of ways. He has great size and strength for his position at 6’4, about 215 pounds and he uses it to his advantage. Torey is an attacker of the paint off the bounce who uses his size to overpower smaller guards. We watched him do this time and time again.' He is also a good rebounder from the guard spot.

Number 160 Team #12 De’ Shaun Taylor. Class of 2017 6’5

Taylor has that prototypical frame for the high major level with long arms and overall great length. He is ultra-bouncy and gets up twice before most get up once. He is a terror in the open court while filling the lane as he gets most of his points in transition. This makes him hard to guard with other players his size.