Team 2

Coach: Daymond Lindell


#85: 5'10 '22 Kamonte Williams (Raeford, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that possesses a quality amount of two-way upside, Kamonte Williams. He's a strong, fairly athletic guard prospect with a physically advanced frame for his age. Williams is a capable all-around scorer that willingly mixes it up on the offensive end of the floor. He's a solid passer that sees the floor well and attacks the basket strong. Next in his development process is placing stronger emphasis on transition defense, as he possesses the necessary tools to get stops on the break. Coach Lindell on Williams: 'Kamonte has a great understanding of his skills and knows how and when to apply them within the game. He runs the floor well on fast breaks and defends solidly for 94 feet on defense. He's a solid passer and has good court vision. Kamonte needs to work on rebounding his position better and tuning up his shooting mechanics.' Williams has a lot of natural tools, which should help him develop into a very interesting prospect.


#88:5'10 '22 Tyshawn Byrant (Vanceboro, NC)

Next, we look at a player that possesses a pretty well-rounded skillset and operates nicely within the team concept, Tyshawn Bryant. He's a wiry guard prospect with athleticism and a noticeable two-way motor, which he utilizes well to make a constant impact while on the floor. Bryant showed the ability to score the ball on all levels with solid consistency. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his transition defense, as it would allow him to be more impactful on the break. Coach Lindell on Bryant: 'Tyshawn has a great motor with the ball and can be equally as explosive on defense. He has super nice handles with strong even-handed ability. His midrange jumper is consistent and his long-range shot is a work in progress. Tyshawn is a good passer that sees the floor well. He defends for 94 feet and rebounds his position well. He has good upside.' Bryant provided his team with a ton of energy and made a strong impact for a freshman prospect, so it'll be interesting to see how he develops going forward.


#92:5'11 '21 DJ Cuttino (Concord, NC)

Moving onto a player that was able to step up and emerge as an excellent leader for his team, DJ Cuttino. He's a smart, well-rounded lead guard that can reliably create for himself and others with relative ease. Cuttino doesn't force the action on either end of the floor and understands how to get everyone involved on offense. He contains his assignment well and forced multiple turnovers during his time at camp. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would open up a lot of easy cutting opportunities. Coach Lindell on Cuttino: 'DJ has a special talent to score at will and understands the value of a shot. He uses his speed to create shots and knows how to use his on-ball and off-ball defense to better create his offense. DJ is an adept passer with good handles with both hands. He's coachable and brings his teammates up.' Cuttino enjoyed a strong showing throughout the day and should be a prospect worth noting over these next few years.


#113:6'1 '21 Gunn Roney (Hillsborough, NC)

Continuing onto a player that quietly went about his business and was able to impact the game quite well at camp, Gunn Roney. He's a wiry wing prospect that embraces his role and is willing to make the hustle plays whenever possible. Roney is able to spot-up and operate quite well without the ball, but can also take defenders off the bounce and get to the rim decently well. Next in his development process is working on the release timing of his jumper, as it would allow him to shoot under more defensive pressure. Coach Lindell on Roney: 'Gunn has a quiet leadership mentality and would rather lead by example. His midrange shot is good, but he needs some work from beyond the arc in terms of consistency. Gunn is a strong passer with either hand and has quality court vision. He's a willing and able scorer, but needs to rebound his position more effectively.' Roney has a great approach to the game and should be able to continue seeing success, especially if he continues to work.


#115:6'1 '20 Mitchell Wike (Cullowhee, NC)

Next, we look at a player that has a very well-rounded skillset on both ends of the floor, Mitchell Wike. He's a long-bodied wing prospect that was able to provide his team with a glue-guy type of presence, given his quality motor and nonstop energy. Wike utilizes his length well on defense to switch across multiple positions and rebound the ball. Next in his development process is working on developing moves around the basket, as it would allow him to take advantage of smaller guards on a regular basis. Coach Lindell on Wike: 'Mitch is a joy to coach because he has a G.I. Joe body and a can-do attitude mixed with a solid basketball feel. He did everything I asked of him and did so with maximum effort. He needs some more confidence in his perimeter shot, but his ball-handling and passing are very strong. Mitch has great court vision and provides outstanding hustle.' Wike has the necessary tools to become an interesting two-way prospect, so we'll be watching his continued growth.


#122: 5'1 '22 Tejan Murray (Hoke County, NC)

Moving onto a player that showcased a lot of tools and long-term upside during his time at camp, Tejan Murray. He's somewhat undersized, but possesses great length and should continue to physically develop'given his young age. Murray is well-equipped to run a team and effectively make his presence felt on both ends of the floor. He shoots and passes the ball pretty well, and possesses a solid feel for his skillset. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it'll help his ability to contribute as a rebounder. Coach Lindell on Murray: 'TJM has great eye-contact and has a can-do, will-do attitude. He's totally coachable and has great manners. He's a good floor general with high basketball IQ. Tejan is a sharp shooter that can be a bit streaky at times. He has good handles and utilizes both hands well. He's a strong passer that knows how to push the ball. Tejan defends for 94 feet and offers decent help-side defense when playing off-ball. He needs to continue developing his midrange shot and get tougher when defending the ball.' Murray is certainly not done developing, but displayed a quality presence during camp, and did a great job of exemplifying the 'heart over height' notion.


#143:6'3 '21 JP Haggarty (Waxhaw, NC)

Continuing onto a player that was able to offer his team a pretty well-rounded presence throughout camp, JP Haggarty. He's a wing prospect with size and a quality blend of length and strength. Haggarty has a quality feel for the game and showed his ability to operate within various different roles on the basketball floor. He's an efficient three-level scorer with nice athleticism and useful defensive instincts. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his poise from the post, as he has the potential to be a really nice mismatch on the interior. Coach Lindell on Haggarty: 'JP has a great frame to develop; his body size allows him to guard all five positions on the basketball floor. Offensively, he can shoot long-range threes, has a nice midrange game, and can go down in the post. He needs to develop his post presence with passing and scoring, but was very coachable and rebounds well for his position. JP will take charges and is willing to do the little things.' Haggarty was among the most appealing prospects on this team, especially given his age, which should make him one to keep an eye on going forward.


#145:6'3 '21 Sam Hedrick (Charlotte, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that stood out as the main workhorse for this team, Sam Hedrick. He's a strong-bodied post prospect that truly embraces the dirty work and looks to involve himself in the action at every possible opportunity. Hedrick doesn't require offensive touches to make an impact, but showed the ability to knock down shots from all levels and make the right play on a regular basis. He rebounded the ball and finished very well inside the paint on both sides of the ball. Hedrick is somewhat undersized for his position, but is a fearless competitor that can always impact the game with his motor. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ball-handling, as he possesses the necessary size to be an excellent penetrator and finisher. Coach Lindell on Hedrick: 'Sam is a complete post player that grinds from within the paint. He's a decent perimeter shooter, but utilizes his body and footwork to his advantage in the low post. Sam is a good passer from entry passes to the perimeter. He runs the floor well from end-to-end.' Hedrick was arguably the hardest worker on this team, but also has the chance to continue developing his skillset, given his young age and solid two-way foundation.