North Carolina Jr. Phenom Camp Session Two Evaluations


Team 4

Coach Dre


#15:5’2 ’23 Keenan Wilkins (Hendersonville, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that showed flashes of sheer dominance during his time at camp, Keenan Wilkins. He’s a quick point guard prospect that can attack and manipulate defenses in a variety of ways. Wilkins scores effortlessly on all three levels while displaying terrific vision and playmaking ability. He possesses an excellent feel for the game and knows how to position himself for success on defense. Next in his development process is continuing to add physical strength, as it would prepare him for the high school game. Coach Dre on Wilkins: “Keenan can really shoot the ball. He got hot in one game and hit about six three-pointers. He has a competitive nature and is up for any challenge. Keenan is a good passer and gets the ball up the floor quickly. Adding strength is the next step in his growth.” Wilkins should have an incredible upcoming year and will be a prospect to watch going forward.



#19:5’4 ’23 Evaan Ezhilan (Mooresville, NC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased a lot of smooth tendencies on both sides of the ball, Evaan Ezhilan. He’s a guard prospect that is capable of thriving with or without the ball, given his combination of ball-handling and perimeter shooting. Ezhilan is a nice spot-up threat and shoots the ball efficiently from beyond the arc. He actively looks to get others involved and consistently makes the extra pass whenever possible. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it’ll allow him to make a stronger impact as a finisher and rebounder. Coach Dre on Ezhilan: “Evaan is a great floor general with great vision and knack to find open teammates. He’s a solid shooter that can go off once he gets hot. He’s good off the dribble and gets to the rack easily. Adding speed is the next step in his growth.” Ezhilan is a smart all-around player and should be able to continue steadily growing over the coming years.



#34:5’6 ’23 Keishaun Johnson (Columbia, SC)

Moving onto a player that showcased the ability to consistently affect various facets of the game, Keishaun Johnson. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with a solid feel for the game and team-first approach to both sides of the ball. Johnson showed the ability to knock down open shots and operate without the ball or create for himself and attack the rim. He utilized his length well to disrupt opponents and alter shots on defense. Next in his development process is working on being more aggressive on offense, as he possesses the necessary tools to score with regularity. Coach Dre on Johnson: “Keishaun is a good player with a high motor. He gets to the rack with relative ease. Keishaun is very coachable and really wants to get better. Improving the range on his shot is his next area for growth.” It’ll be interesting to see how Johnson grows going forward, especially if he’s willing to work.



#35:5’6 ’23 Tristan Aikens (Wake Forest, NC)

Continuing onto a player that understands how to embrace his glue-guy role quite nicely, Tristan Aikens. He’s a guard prospect with solid size and the ability to operate within various different roles on a team. Aikens is capable of handling the ball, generating offense, and scoring effectively from all three levels while actively looking to get his teammates involved. He possesses a nice feel for the game and was able to force multiple turnovers during his time at camp. Aikens fought hard and outworked bigger opponents for rebounds on a consistent basis. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him a more dynamic threat off the dribble. Coach Dre on Aikens: “Tristan is a solid player with a decent jumper; he gets to the rim pretty easily and is a great team player. He’s very coachable and maintains a positive attitude.” Aikens showed the ability to contribute nicely to a team and should be able to steadily improve going forward.



#36:5’6 ’23 Zac Anderson (Hayesvillie, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to highlight his fundamentally sound approach throughout camp, Zac Anderson. He’s a guard prospect that can handle the ball, but typically operates as a spot-up shooter along the perimeter. Anderson is a capable shooter that gets to his spots nicely and will knock it down with time and space. He displayed a great motor on defense and prioritized getting back in transition. Next in his development process is working to become a better defender at the point of attack, as it would give him a stronger two-way presence. Coach Dre on Anderson: “Zac is a good shooter on set shots. He’s very coachable and a great teammate that willingly makes the extra pass whenever possible. Working on ball-handling would help him get to the basket with less resistance.” Anderson showed some translatable skills at camp and could have an impactful upcoming season.



#42:5’7 ’23 Tomir Moore (Kinston, NC)

Moving onto a player that is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his two-way upside, Tomir Moore. He’s a smooth combo-guard with an excellent feel for the game, able to seamlessly play with or without the ball and apply constant pressure as a creator and scorer. Moore creates nicely for himself and others while showing nice decisiveness when attacking the basket. He scores nicely on all levels and breaks down his matchup with relative ease. Moore contains his assignment very well on defense and forced numerous turnovers on the day. Next in his development process is continuing to work on asserting himself as a leader. Coach Dre on Moore: “Tomir is a lefty with a nice stroke. He can easily blow by defenders and finish at the basket. He makes the game look easy and is a great teammate. Tomir possesses great vision and passing ability. Being confident and aggressive is next in his growth.” Moore has a real chance to be one of the top upcoming prospects from Kinston.



#53:5’11 ’23 Joshua Daniels (Florence, SC)

Continuing onto a player that possesses a pretty unique skillset and overall approach to the game, Joshua Daniels. He’s a big, strong-bodied forward prospect that is able to naturally affect all facets of the game, just through utilization of his size and skills. Daniels can attack defenses in a variety of ways, given his ability to post-up, handle the ball, or spot-up along the perimeter. He was able to knock down shots and consistently finish strong inside, absorbing contact as well as anyone at camp. Daniels is pretty versatile on defense, given the solid quickness for his size, and was able to switch across all positions. Next in his development process is working to become even quicker, as it would allow him to truly expose all types of opponents with his versatility. Coach Dre on Daniels: “Josh is a solid big man that can run the floor and finish in transition. He has great footwork for his size and is pretty agile around the hoop. Josh cleans up the glass and is a great teammate. He’s very coachable and can handle constructive criticism.” Daniels contributed well at camp and will be an intriguing player to track over the coming years.


#58:6’0 ’23 Palmer Crichton (Denver, NC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased an intriguing skillset and impressive amount of long-term upside, Palmer Crichton. He’s a long-bodied forward with an excellent feel for the game and the ability to apply pressure from all three levels. Crichton stretches the floor nicely and displays great touch around the basket. He handles the ball nicely for his size and shows strong playmaking instincts for others from inside the arc. Crichton utilizes his length well on defense to alter shots and force turnovers while consistently containing his assignment. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would help him become a stronger ball-handler and finisher around the rim. Coach Dre on Crichton: “Palmer is a good player that has a decent handle and solid shooting range. He’s a good rebounder with a high motor on both ends of the floor. He’ll be really good once he truly understands his skillset and position.” Crichton has a great skillset for the middle school level and should be a candidate to enjoy a productive upcoming season.



#59:6’0 ’23 Zion Walker (Graham, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was able to dominate every facet of the game throughout camp, Zion Walker. He’s a strong, athletic forward with incredible leadership qualities on both ends of the floor. Walker is an exceptional ball-handler for his size and showed the ability to consistently create scoring chances for himself and teammates. He scored efficiently on all three levels and outrebounded every single opponent in his path. Walker displayed a terrific IQ and was able to defend all five positions seamlessly. He’s a great team-first player that provides excellent energy and a nonstop motor. Next in his development process is continuing to hone the leadership ability that he displayed at camp, as it nicely highlights his all-around skillset. Coach Dre on Walker: “Zion is the MVP. He’s very coachable, which was arguably his most impressive quality. He’s a physically gifted two-way player that can block a shot on one end and finish the fast break on the other. There’s nothing but good things to say about Zion.” Walker won the camp MVP in impressive fashion and will be a prospect to watch closely over the coming years.