Team 6

Coach: Dre Simmons


#10: 5’9 ’23 Casian Richard (Winston-Salem, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player with an abundance of talent and translatable skills, Casian Richard. He’s a point guard prospect that offers an excellent blend of playmaking and three-level scoring. Richard possesses a quality feel for the game and is able to continuously mix up his offensive approach. He’s great at running the two-man game and typically makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands. Next in his development process is working on staying engaged on defense, as he has the necessary tools but can be lackadaisical at times. Coach Simmons on Richard: “Casian is a good guard prospect with quickness, vision, and the ability to score. He makes quality reads with the ball and pushes the break in transition. Casian has a nice-looking jumper from distance and has craftiness when attacking. He has a bright future if he continues to work.” Richard has attended many of our camps, but this was arguably his best showing, given the way he dictated action on offense.


#19: 5’5 ’23 Brooks Allred (Elon, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was among the most poised and polished playmakers on display, Brooks Allred. He’s a high-IQ point guard with an excellent all-around skillset, given his shooting and ability to reliably create for himself and others. Allred isn’t a particularly powerful athlete, but was able to get by opponents whenever he desired, which led to him picking defenses apart inside the arc. He doesn’t possess any glaring weaknesses and plays with an active motor on both sides of the ball. Allred understands and embraces the team concept, always playing unselfishly and leading by example. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it’ll make him a more creative finisher when attacking the basket. Coach Simmons on Allred: “Brooks has nice moves when attacking the basket. He has a high basketball IQ and was very coachable throughout the day. He has a good-looking jumper and great confidence in his shot.” There’s a lot to like with Allred, given the way he performed at camp, and we’ll certainly be monitoring his continued growth.


#36: 5’8 ’23 Elijah Burnett (Mount Holly, NC)

Moving onto a player that showcased no glaring weaknesses during his time at camp, Elijah Burnett. He’s a long guard prospect with solid feel and an impressive two-way motor. Burnett is a capable three-level scorer on offense; he mixes it up pretty regularly but certainly likes to attack the basket. Burnett defended with purpose at all times and was able to force plenty of turnovers throughout the day. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as he already possesses the necessary foundation to become a successful player. Coach Simmons on Burnett: “Elijah is very good at attacking the basket. He’s a nice ball-handler with an impressive motor. He possesses deceptive quickness and a nice-looking stroke that ranges out to the three-point line. Elijah is a lefty that can get by his assignment and to the rack with ease. He has tremendous upside.” Burnett enjoyed a great showing at camp and should be a name worth remembering for the future.


#43: 5’9 ’23 Nigel Vincent (Greensboro, NC)

Continuing onto a player with a pretty well-rounded skillset and overall approach to the game, Nigel Vincent. He’s a long, intelligent guard prospect that is capable of scoring from all levels, but prefers to get downhill and attack the basket with force. Vincent does a terrific job of getting by his man and looking to make the right play. He’s very unselfish and fully embraces the team concept on both sides of the ball. Vincent thrived in his role and made numerous plays throughout the day. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as he’s polished enough to utilize both at a strong rate. Coach Simmons on Vincent: “Nigel is very aggressive at getting to the basket. He’s a physical guard that can dominate at his position. He can continue to work on his shooting from three-point range in order to maximize his development.” Vincent has the chance to become a really tough two-way player, especially if he continues to improve.


#48: 5’10 ’23 William Otto (Raleigh, NC)

Next, we look at a player that gave us extended flashes of pure dominance during his time at camp, William Otto. He’s a wiry guard prospect with an absolutely incredible all-around feel for the game. Otto was arguably the most efficient and polished scorer on display, given the way he was effortlessly getting to his spots and scoring from all three levels. He was also extremely unselfish and showed terrific vision throughout the day. Otto defended with purpose and force a quality amount of turnovers. Next in his development process is working to add strength in order to prepare himself for the physicality at the high school level. Coach Simmons on Otto: “Will simply does it all. He was the overall best player. He handles the ball, shoots efficiently from anywhere on the floor, and passes all at a high level. This young man can flat-out play, he’s a hands-down stud.” Otto was the sixth-leading scorer at camp with his 19.7 PPG average and people should start getting familiar with his name, as he has a bright future ahead.


#55: 5’11 ’23 Luke Ledford (Raleigh, NC)

Moving onto a player that provided his team with an impressive amount of two-way energy at camp, Luke Ledford. He’s a forward prospect that plays hard on nearly every possession and looks to cause havoc however possible. Ledford showed the ability to run the floor, get to his spots, and knock down open shots in transition. He’s a great team player that embraces his role and doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor. Ledford was also quite productive at camp, despite not posting massive scoring totals. Next in his development process is working to tighten his handle, as it would make him a more reliable creator. Coach Simmons on Leford: “Luke is a pretty solid player that makes plays on both sides of the ball. He’s a good rebounder that is capable of finishing around the basket. He could continue to work on his jumper from beyond the arc.” Ledford is a guy that every team should need and it’ll be interesting to see if he maintains his glue-guy skillset going forward.


#61: 6’0 ’23 Anderson Jones (Mooresville, NC)

Continuing onto a player that was able to make a pretty solid impact on both sides of the ball during camp, Anderson Jones. He’s a long, wiry forward prospect that stretches the floor on offense and applies constant pressure as a spot-up threat from beyond the arc. Jones does a great job of getting to his spots and quickly setting up for his shot. He also showed solid versatility by penetrating on offense and defending multiple positions on defense. Next in his development process is working to add strength to his frame, as it would make him a truly problematic two-way forward. Coach Simmons on Jones: “Anderson is a good shooter that showed the ability to get to the rack and finish through contact. He has decent range on his jumper and was able to knock down multiple shots. He can continue to work on his shooting off the dribble.” Jones has the makings of a quality prospect, but it’ll be interesting to see how he builds his skillset over the next few years.


#73: 6’0 ’23 Joshua Daniels (Florence, SC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to make a pretty strong impact on both sides of the ball throughout camp, Joshua Daniels. He’s a strong-bodied post prospect that looks to operate around the basket and make plays whenever possible. Daniels utilizes his body well to clear out space and rebound the ball, but also displayed great touch with both hands as a finisher. He runs the floor well and plays with maximum effort at all times. Daniels is a great blue-collar guy that willingly does the little things and embraces his role. Next in his development process is working on becoming a more explosive leaper, as it would allow him to protect the rim with more intensity. Coach Simmons on Daniels: “Joshua is a solid low-post presence. He rebounds the ball at a high level and possesses good footwork around the basket. Joshua can continue to work on his defensive agility, as it would help him recover and defend on the perimeter.” Daniels was quite productive at camp and enjoyed a strong showing, but we’ll be watching his continued progression over the next few years.


#75: 6’4 ’23 William “Dice” Royster (Greensboro, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that arguably possesses the most upside of any prospect from camp, William “Dice” Royster. He’s a post prospect with a nice blend of size and athleticism, which already has him playing above the rim. Royster also showed a strong array of perimeter skills and frequently looked to take his assignment off the dribble and to the basket. He was incredibly problematic for opponents on defense, where he utilized great length and timing to consistently rebound and protect the rim. Next in his development process is working on his ability to knock down the open pick-and-pop three-pointer, as it would make him an even bigger matchup problem. Coach Simmons on Royster: “Dice was a man among boys today. He possesses tremendous upside and is already dunking the ball. He blocks anything in the painted area and displays great footwork in the post. Dice showed range out to the three-point line and took opponents off the dribble whenever possible. He’s an unbelievable talent.” Royster’s average of 17 PPG ranked eighth in the entire camp, but it was his two-way poise and productivity that really stood out.