Robert Dillingham

The talent in North Carolina is at an all-time high, and that is throughout all the classes in the state. The freshman (2023) class this season had some impressive showings, with some standout performances. With players in the freshman class already garnering offers and being region and area players of the year, here are some of the freshman standouts from the 2019-20 season in North Carolina. 

One thing is for sure, we get to watch these players closely over the next three years, you bet we will be. 

6’5” Takorie Faision (Goldsboro HS)
Averages: 14.2 Points. 60% FG. 7.3 Rebounds. 1.3 Blocks.
Faison is an athlete who plays with a killer instinct. While he mans the post for his high school team, he showcases some ball skills and shooting ability. He is an active rebounder and tries to dunk everything. Already the size, length and athleticism, he produced at a high level this year with excitement looking forward. 

6’2” Robert Dillingham (Combine Academy)
Averages: 15.3 Points. 41% 3P. 5.3 Assists. 3.5 Rebounds. 1.6 Steals.
Talk about a player who is not afraid of the biggest stage, with the spotlight shining directly on them. Dillingham is an expert scorer, both with the range to shoot and the handle to get to his spots. He has an understanding of where he needs to get, and he patiently does so against all comers. While he didn’t start for the number two ranked team in North Carolina, but he certainly closed games. 

6’4” Caleb Foster (Hickory Ridge HS)
Averages: 16.6 Points. 47 made 3s. 6.7 Rebounds. 4.3 Assists. 1.7 Steals.
Foster’s feel for the game far exceeds his age. He has complete control on the floor, with great positional size and length. Foster scores the ball in an easy manner, he distributes the ball to his teammates and he defends and rebounds with no questions asked. While he may not have as much notoriety as some others in this class, his upside is as high as any. 

6’1” Tremayne Parker (Cape Fear HS)
Averages: 16.2 Points. 6.5 Rebounds. 4.8 Assists. 3 Steals.
Parker came in with a big reputation but still seemed to not get talked about at an appropriate level. Parker, the younger brother of former prep icon Kwe Parker, has all the tools in the kit. He defends the ball, he takes care of possessions, he can shoot, he can leap and he can take over a game. Parker plays in a poised manner, but don’t get it wrong he’s got all the excitement in there as well. 

6’0 Aden Holloway (Covenant Day)
Averages: 19.3 Points. 67 3s. 42% 3P. 3.3 Assists. 1.6 Steals.
Poise is the name of the game for Holloway, who always seems like he’s been there before. He is a high IQ leader, the guy who even the upperclassmen look at to ensure something good is about to happen. Holloway shoots the ball at a high clip, he takes care of possessions and sets up his teammates and has no problem scoring. He picked up an early Syracuse offer prior to his freshman season. 

6’7” Addison Archer (Chase HS)
Averages: 16.8 Points. 54% FG. 9 Rebounds. 1 Block.

6’4” Jakel Powell (Neuse Christian)
Averages: 15.3 Points. 39% 3P. 5.5 Rebounds. 3.4 Assists. 2.1 Steals.

6’4” Athan Gill (Owen HS)
Averages: 11.5 Points

5’8” Keenan Wilkins (Hendersonville HS)
Averages: 17.9 Points. 86 Made 3s. 2.6 Rebounds. 2.9 Steals.

6’4” Isaiah Washington (Pine Forest HS)
Averages: 15.5 Points. 5.5 Rebounds. 1.6 Assists. 1.8 Steals.