By: Noah Hooper

6’2 2025 Cedric Kenan (TSB 2024)

I have been familiar with Cedric’s game since session one and he impressed me, but after his performance this afternoon against Virginia Warriors Elite, I felt that it was only right to talk about him from a more in-depth perspective. When I watch Kenan, the first thing I notice about him is how high his motor is as he is always the first one to talk on defense or dive on a loose ball. Because of Kenan’s high motor, it’s very obvious that he is the engine to that team as he gives them extra possessions. Not only is Kenan a coach’s player through his maximum effort on every possession, but he also has the ability to score the ball at a high level as he was driving in the lane and getting what he wanted a lot of the time due to his aggressive nature on both ends of the floor. Moreover, from previous times watching Kenan, he has the ability to score on all three levels, so if you put that together with his high motor, he really has key tools to play at the next level. Kenan has a lot of time left and I cannot wait to see how this kid’s game is once his body grows physically and he gets stronger.

6’6 2024 Abubaki Yarmah (Virginia Warriors Elite)

If I were to describe Yarmah’s game in one word I would immediately say “explosive”. The way he was able to use his mature build to get in the lane today and make plays for his team was impeccable. He has also shown me that he’s capable of knocking down the mid-range jumper which has become a lost art in basketball. Lastly, Yarmah has the ability to make plays above the rim which really caught my eye this afternoon and shows college coaches that his athleticism is already college-ready at such a young age.

6’3 2023 Parker Hodgson (Elav8 Select 16U)

I really loved what I saw from Hodgson today as he was the most effective player on the floor in his game this afternoon. When you look at the kid, it is easy to underestimate him due to his skinny frame, but once you see him play you realize that most of the time he is the toughest matchup on the floor given his length and scoring ability. Although Parker can score, what surprised me the most was how sneaky athletic he was as he was able to elevate high off the ground and finish through contact as well as make plays above the rim as he did on Saturday. Furthermore, Parker has a beautiful jump shot with great mechanics which really stretches out the floor for his team and opens up more driving opportunities for Parker to make plays above the rim like I know he can do. Parker also plays really hard and has a solid motor on defense, which will take him a long way as college coaches love guys that have that quality. Really hope college coaches take the time to look at this kid as Hodgson is a really interesting prospect.

5’11 2024 Delani Hammonds (Team Synergy 2023)

What I really love about Hammonds When I watch him is his speed and how well he is able to use it. A lot of point guards in high school really don’t know when to stop and when to slow down, but Hammonds has mastered this and it really shows in his game as he is able to use this skill to set up teammates on drive and kicks or make a play for himself. Hammonds also showed me that he had the ability to knock down the open three which is an important skill to have if you are an undersized guard like Hammonds. Last but not least, Hammonds has really good vision, which makes him the ultimate floor general as he can change speeds well and find his teammates in half-court situations or in transition.

6’6 2024 Elijah Kelly (Virginia Warriors Elite 15U)

Elijah had impressed me on day one of session 2, and he has only built on that as he continued to use his long frame to get whatever he wanted in the lane. Elijah also showcased his passing ability more than he did yesterday as he was great at driving, drawing defenders, then dumping off dimes to his bigs. I keep saying this over and over to people, but if Elijah puts in the work, he will have a bright future as a division-1 prospect.

6’2 2022 Nathanael Roberts (CC Elite 2022 White)

In my short time watching Robert’s games, I was really intrigued by how well he was able to find his teammates whether it be in transition, or in the half-court. He is also a very strong guard with a sturdy frame and he used this to his advantage to blow by smaller defenders. Lastly, Roberts can shoot the three at a reliable clip which makes him a dangerous offensive threat given how well he is able to use his strong body. I’m sure a lot of college coaches would be happy to take Roberts into their program as he has a lot of tools to play at the next level.