By: Noah Hooper

5’10 2025 Kamari Cooke (Team Charlotte 15U)
After watching Cooke this weekend I have come to the conclusion that this kid is a certified bucket getter. Throughout his games and especially this morning, Cooke was phenomenal at using his quickness to get to his spots and hit shots. He also has a lot of wiggle to his game which allows him to catch defenders off guard and wonder what he is gonna do next. Although these things are great, what really impressed me about his game was how smooth his pull-up game was as his shot making ability was elite from all three levels. Cooke is a kid I cannot wait to see develop over the years. All the early tools for him to be successful at the next level are already there.

6’0 2025 Justin Miller (LE Blue Demons 15U)
When watching Miller today, there was no question that he had the highest motor on the floor for his team. Although there are many other prospects I could talk about on the offensive end, I love talking about guys that are willing to play hard every possession no matter what. He caught my eye today when he took charge and got a chase down block, which are two things that glue guys have to be willing to do. This is definitely a kid to keep an eye on.

5’10 2025 Braylen Bowman (Team Hope 2025)
I absolutely loved watching Bowman this morning as he did not back down from a really talented Team Curry squad. He finished with 19 points and also set up his teammates very well whether it be in transition, or in a half-court set. Moreover, he put on display how well he was able to shoot the ball which really opened up alot for his squad. Bowman is still young, but he will definitely have a spot at the next level given his basketball IQ, toughness, and shooting ability.

6’7 2025 Chris Eagan (Team Curry 15U)
Although what Eagan did today did not show up a lot in the box score, his improvement over the last year is remarkable. When I look at Eagan this summer compared to last summer, he has taken huge leaps in his confidence on the floor, footwork, and IQ. Next in his development is stretching out the floor and becoming a consistent shooter which would truly take his game to the next level. I can’t wait to see how he does at Charlotte Catholic next year as he will play a pivotal part for a well coached program looking to make some noise in NC 4A basketball this year.

6’4 2023 Chy’Ron Davis (CB Hoops 17U)
This is a kid I have had my eye on throughout the event and he has impressed me. He has not had insane numbers or done anything out of the ordinary, but his length and skillset make his game very attractive. With his long frame, he is able to finish over smaller defenders as well as shoot over them. He also has a smooth pull-up game, which is what immediately caught my eye about his game. Moreover, his length will aid him in becoming a better defender long-term as he has great positional size. I think Chy’Ron has potential to be really good in the future if he puts in the work and plays his cards right.

6’6 2024 Isaiah Otyaluk (Team Charlotte 16U)
When I look at Otyaluk, all I see is oozing long-term potential. He really impressed me with how he was able to stretch the floor for his team. Moreover, he was very quick going downhill at his size, which makes the defense tough to guard him when they are on thier heels. I expect this kid to definitely have a spot at the next level as he has a high-motor and all the tools.