By: Noah Hooper

6’3 2022 Lebron Thomas (FIBA 2022)

When I watch Thoams, the first thing I notice is how he uses his lightning speed and athleticism to get downhill at will and use his strong lower body to finish through contact. The way he was able to use this natural ability to make plays for himself and his teammates was impressive as it really showed in transition. Not only does Thomas do an impeccable job of getting downhill, he has nice shot-making ability as he caught my eye with a nice step-back three. Thomas also has a really high motor on defense as he was very active this afternoon staying in front of people, contesting shots really well, and disrupting passing lanes. Moreover, Thomas did a nice job of attacking closeouts and doing what he does best, which is getting downhill and making plays for his team above the rim. Thomas is a player that I’m excited to see develop at the next level as his athletic ability and motor is college-ready. (He finished with 35 points this afternoon)

6’2 2022 Xzavier Thaggard (FIBA 2022)

Alongside Thomas, Thaggard was another player that really impressed me as he is an explosive guard with a very high motor on both ends of the floor. He is also very good in transition, this is where he is able to showcase his speed and downhill game as his strong frame allows him to get what he wants. This is definetly a kid I cannot wait to see develop at the next level as his athleticism makes him an elite player at the high school level.

6’6 2022 Matthew Field (Durham Hurricanes)

Although Sinclair filled up the score sheet for this Hurricanes team over the weekend, Field really impressed me throughout the weekend with the effort he applies to areas that don’t involve scoring for his team. In the two times I have watched Field, he has taken charge in each of those games, which shows how committed he is to doing whatever it takes for his team to win basketball games. He also showed me the willingness to rebound for his team as he does a nice job gaining positioning against other big men. It’s always nice to give recognition to guys that play their role well, along with playing very hard for their team.

6’5 2022 Tim Vaughn (Chattanooga Elite Grey)

What really drew my attention to Vaughn from the beginning of the game was how high his motor was. He was highly active on defense, strong going to the basket, and was able to make plays above the rim. He also showcased his ability to stretch the floor a little bit this afternoon which is something college coaches should look at given the fact that he is 6’5. Lastly, Vaughn was very active on the glass today as his high motor allowed him to gain positioning and rebound over smaller defenders. College coaches should definitely be on the lookout for this kid as he has all the tools to play at the next level.

6’3 2022 Kyle Frazier (CC Elite 2022)

While Frazier’s shooting ability takes the headlines most of the time, I feel like people don’t recognize the other things he does to help his team win games. This afternoon, Frazier did a really good job in the first half of making good decisions in the open court as he almost always made the right play. He was also very active on the offensive glass for his team giving them extra possessions. Although Frazier’s shooting ability is really good, the other things he does well will shine at the next level. I’m excited to see what he does at Weddington this year coming off of their amazing 3A state title run.