By: Noah Hooper

6’6 2025 Trent Steinour (Riptide 2025)

When I look at Trent on the floor, the first thing I notice is how well he is able to use his length to be a disruptive asset defensively for his team. He also uses his length very well to gain positioning and grab rebounds for his team which helps them tremendously. Not only did he use his long frame well, but he also had very solid footwork for his age and size, which makes his ceiling really high given the fact that he is very young. Lastly, he displayed solid shooting mechanics from beyond the arc which is really good because he has a lot of time to develop into a player that shoots at a reliable clip, making him a great fit for college programs in the future given his size at 6’6 already. Trent has a bright future as a player if he puts in the work and I can’t wait to see him develop over the years.

6’4 2024 Brady Anderson (WV Generals 15U)

I really locked in on Anderson this afternoon when I saw how high his motor was. In his game this afternoon, he was an animal on the boards and used his body well to gain positioning. He also showed me that he has nice footwork around the rim as he has a nice drop step. Lastly, he has a nice, soft touch around the rim which really stood out as he used his strong frame to showcase this aspect of his game. College coaches should be on the lookout for this kid.

5’6 2024 Thomas Hunter (Team Eat 15U)

Throughout his two games this afternoon, Hunter really impressed me with his intangibles on the court and showed me that he is the ultimate coach’s player. With his instinct to play really hard on both sides, communicate with his team, and keep his head up despite losing two games this afternoon, it shows me that he has the perfect attitude to play at the next level. Speaking more on his game specifically, he is a very quick guard that is great in transition. He used this quickness to get to the rim and finish in the lane with finesse. He also has a very nice pull-up jumper along with a nice spot-up three. Moreover, his passing ability was good as he made great decisions in the half-court and showcased his vision. With this kid’s motor, attitude, and overall game, I feel like he will land himself a spot on a college roster in the future.

6’3 2023 Alius Bowser

In the almost 2 years I have seen Bowser’s game, he has made tremendous improvement on the offensive end as his shot-making ability was next level this evening. He was able to hit pull-up jumpers and step into threes off the bounce, which is something I was not familiar with in his game that he has obviously worked on. Another thing that Bowser did this evening that really impressed me was getting downhill with force, which opened up drive and kick opportunities for his teammates. Last but not least, Bowser is another kid that just has a really high motor and it showed this evening as he was highly active on defense. College coaches should definitely be on the lookout if they want a high-motor wing with scoring ability.

6’5 2024 Tyrique Wilkins (WV Generals 15U)

One player that I also enjoyed watching on this Generals team was Tyrique Wilkins. The Strong-bodied forward had a really high motor the whole time he was in and made his presence felt on the court in non-scoring areas. He also has the ability to score the ball well as he used his strong body down low and got high percentage shots in the lane. With this kid’s athleticism and a lot of high school time left, I feel like he can get on some coaches’ radars soon.

6’0 2023 Quandre Wilson (Team 803)

In Team 803’s contest this evening against the Charlotte Dragons, Wilson really caught my eye with his nice stroke beyond the arc. He also has the ability to play above the rim as he showed his elite athleticism and the ability to play off of two feet. His shooting ability definitely opens up his downhill game where he can showcase his athleticism as his quick twitch will allow him to attack closeouts aggressively and make plays high above the rim.