By: Noah Hooper

6’4 2021 Glenn Bynum (Mint Hill Lakers Elite)

In the two events I have seen Bynum play in so far, Bynum has really impressed me with his shot-making ability as he is able to spot up and shoot off the bounce at a high level. He has also shown me that he is able to control the pace of the game and be a floor general given the fact that he is a solid ball-handler and knows how to use his vision to make plays for his teammates. Last but not least, I feel like his high motor goes unnoticed. From what I have seen, he plays really hard on both ends and is always gonna play for his teammates, which is a quality that is not coachable at the high school and college level.

6’3 2023 Trey Parker (Big Shots Elite 2022)

While Parker’s athleticism will take the headlines a lot of the time, I feel like people don’t talk about the other things he provides to his team while he is on the court such as his passing ability as he was able to find his teammates in the half-court as well as in transition today. He also put on display his acrobatic finishing ability as he was able to finish in several ways on both sides of the rim. I hope college coaches are taking notice of this kid as he is more than just a gifted athlete on the floor.

6’7 2021 Ryan Maslow (Garner Road Bulldogs – T. West)

When you look at what Maslow is able to do at 6’7 it makes you wonder how high his ceiling is. With the ability to handle the ball, spot up, and shoot off the bounce, he possesses all the qualities a college coach would look for in a guard at the offensive end, and given his size, having those skills makes him a very dangerous player that could fit into many different programs. Moreover, he showed the ability to attack the rim off the bounce, and as he adds size to his body at the next level, this skill will really pop out on the floor. I hope college coaches look at this kid as well given his size and versatility.

7’0 2022 Wesley Johnson (Garner Road Bulldogs – T. West)

Another Prospect on this Garner Road team that really caught my eye was Wesley Johnson. Although Maslow was the more “finesse” prospect, Johnson did a great job of doing the dirty work for his team on the boards and running the floor. Moreover, Johnson did not shoot the lights out, but he showed with his solid mechanics that he is able to stretch the floor at 7 feet, which would make him a solid addition to many college programs and it would open up a lot of driving opportunities for him as he gets better at putting the ball on the deck over time. 

6’1 2022 Elijah Bredwood (Bmaze Biven 17U)

In my short time watching Elijah, I noticed that he does not let his slim frame stop him from attacking the rim hard. He is also very sneaky athletic as he caught my eye with a very nice two-hand slam in transition. Furthermore, he has the ability to stretch the floor for his team as he was able to showcase his stroke from beyond the arc, which is really important for a guy his size. I really loved watching Elijah today and I think he grabbed some coaches’ attention with what he did for his team today.