Julian Phillips showcased his future talent at the Queen City MS Showcase last year

Scouting and projecting middle school prospects is such an inexact science. However, over the past 15 years, Phenom Hoops Middle School events have always seemed to bring the fire. The track record is absolutely ridiculous, and it continues year after year.

Whether it be today’s current high school stars, with McDonald’s All Americans like Josiah James and Wendell Moore first attending Phenom Hoops events in middle school. Or with sure fire McDonald’s All Americans Jaden Springer and Isaiah Todd first gracing Phenom Hoops in middle school, with camps.

However, even before that, the likes of Dennis Smith Jr, Harry Giles, PJ Dozier and so many more came through Phenom Hoops camps as 6th, 7th and 8th graders. At the time, we didn’t know much of who they were, of course by this time many were generating buzz, but we didn’t know full bore what they would turn into.

However, what we now know, is that every year players will turn out. EVERY single middle school event Phenom Hoops has, there will be players found. Players who come in with NO reputation and leave superstars. We recall when Josh Nickelberry showed up leading into his 7th grade year. He lit the camp on fire, shooting the cover off the ball. He was an after thought on his own travel ball team. Look at him now, a 3,000 career point scorer at the high school level and committed to Louisville. Juwan Gary, Carter Whitt, Carson McCorkle, all the same. Came to camp with little fan fare and left NC junior Phenom 150 camp, building their resume toward, what it is today.

Last year was the first of the Queen City Middle School Showcase. Players such as Julian Phillips and Jalen Hood Schifino played prominent roles (both are now starting on varsity teams with Hood-Schifino being invited out to Team USA training camp). Many other players were in attendance as well. Without question, the matchups between Team Charlotte and Team United left the gym with a ridiculous buzz.

This year, the event has doubled in size. We have brought in the mixtape genius of Donnie Bui. We have brought back Baller TV, which will be live streaming every game in every age group of the event. Nationally read scouts will be covering every game and Phenom Hoops robust social media platform will be sending out all the need to know information as it happens. Yes, this platform is one that brings kids to the forefront, helps them to be seen.

We are very excited of the track record of starting prospects resumes, helping the talent to shine for everyone to see. With that said, watch closely this Queen City Middle School Showcase, the talent level is at an all-time high with some of the very best middle schoolers in attendance, the middle schoolers people already know and who have already started to build their resume.

However, without fail, there will be a couple players NO ONE knew coming in, who start people talking. It happens every session of every middle school event we have had over the past 10 years.

Expect incredible basketball. Expect incredible competition. Expect the crowds to be at a fever pitch. Most of all, expect a great weekend of must see basketball…