Phenom Hoops headed over to Johnson C. Smith on Thursday, as it was a packed house that ultimately left some outside due to the facility reaching capacity. 

With the talent on the floor, we are not surprised at all for the turnout.  Luckily, we were able to get in and check out some of the top prospects from around the country.  Cox Mill took on The Patrick School to start the night off, with The Patrick School earning a 79-74 victory.  After that, Oak Hill took on West Charlotte, with Oak Hill taking the 10-point victory, 76-66, in the end. 

Here are the standouts from an exciting night of basketball. 

Cox Mill 

2019 Caleb Stone-Carrawell (Committed to Charlotte): Stone-Carrawell was fantastic in this matchup vs. The Patrick School.  He was tied as the leading scorer for Cox Mill, using his terrific frame to rise up and knock down outside jumpers from three early on.  He showcased his dead-eye shooting stroke and his ability to step up scoring wise, helping the team earn a first-half lead.  Stone-Carrawell has terrific versatility on the floor on both ends and we loved his ability to be a secondary ballhandler, push the ball up the floor, and use his size to his advantage.  Stepped up big on a big stage. Stats: 29 points 

2019 Wendell Moore (Committed to Duke): Moore was certainly the headline prospect on the floor, heading to Duke. He also showed why he is such a high prospect with his ability on floor to almost get wherever he wants.  If you watch how Duke plays this year, Moore has several similarities in his game.   He is physical, bruising, and can get to his spot when he wants.  Though his shot was always falling against The Patrick School, he battled en route to 29 points.  His powerful, takeover mentality was shown but he looked to attack the rim, take on double-teams in the paint, and get to the free throw line.  What we really liked was his ability to run the floor, run the offense, take his opponents one-on-one, and use creative ways to get to the paint and use his mid-range game.   He was in attack mode but just came up short. Stats: 29 points 

The Patrick School 

2019 Al-Amir Dawes (Committed to Clemson): If you have watched Clemson basketball, you can see that Dawes will fit right in.  He is tough, smart, and plays with a great pace to his game.  We also love his ability to play in the half court or put the ball on the floor in transition, looking to finish.  Dawes is incredibly quick, especially with his first twitch instincts.  The way he changes direction on the court is tough, helping get opponents on his side.  He also displayed the ability to knockdown the three-ball.  Dawes’ ability to attack, pick his spots, find his teammates, and finish past his defenders was highly intriguing and he should be able to carry that on to the next level. 

2019 Alexander Rice (Committed to Bucknell):  Rice was a difference maker, as his team needed someone to step up scoring wise.  He helped keep the game close in the first half and hit some big shots in the second half.  Rice is a smaller guard but one that has that clutch stroke with his jumper.  He is ready to let it fly and can get his shot off extremely quick, especially from behind the arc.  He found ways to create space against defenses that were looking to take his jumper away, but he also attacked when opportunities were there. 

Oak Hill 

2019 Cole Anthony: Anthony honestly could get anywhere he wanted on the floor with his mid-range jumper, handles, and ability to finish with either hand.  He had some mishaps a few times but overall, he had a great game.  He scored in transition with his jumpers and found his teammates like he always does.  One thing we saw is how he competed on the defensive end and rebounding.  Loved what we saw but it was just another day in the office for Anthony. Stats: 12 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds 

2019 Kofi Cockburn (Committed to Illinois): Cockburn’s size was simply too much at times for West Charlotte but several teams have said that before.  When he got the ball around the rim, he powered his way with a thunderous dunk or got to the free throw line.  He was active on the boards but there is still room to grow with his massive big.  Stats: 12 points, 11 rebounds 

2020 Evan Johnson and 2020 Cam Thomas: Both Johnson and Thomas were also able to penetrate the lane and find ways to score.  Thomas had a slightly better game, putting a nice touch on his shot, rising over defenders with his outside jumper (especially his smooth stroke from three), and continuing to showcase his ability to score no matter where he is on the floor.  But also loved how he competed on the boards with his size. Cam Thomas: 19 points, 7 rebounds/ Evan Johnson: 8 points 

2020 Dylan Cardwell: Cardwell has tremendous size and athleticism to his game but in the second half, there wasn’t a kid that could take away the energy he brought to the floor.  The passion, fight, and ability were seen in spurts but man, did it change the entire game when West Charlotte was making a run in the third quarter.  He attacked and finished at the rim on offense, while defending the rim on defense.  He even showed he had no issues playing in a full court trap.  Loved his energy on the floor; it is what a coach dreams to have from his players. Stats: 9 points 

2019 Christian Brown: Brown did what he always does.  He was flying around, rising up in transition, and using his athleticism to score against opponents.  Brown’s ability to run and finish is what brings fans to their feet and he has no issue putting an opponent on a poster.  He also uses that ability to rise over opponents to his advantage, especially when he battles down low for offensive rebounds and putbacks. He wasn’t far off a double-double in the win vs. West Charlotte. Stats: 14 points, 7 rebounds 

West Charlotte 

2019 Patrick Williams (Committed to Florida State): Williams struggled for much of the game to find his jumper, especially in the first half.  The length and defense of Oak Hill bothered him at times, but it was a rough day offensively with his shot.  In the second half though, he was able to attack more and get to the free throw line multiple times, while finally knocking down a few open jumpers.  Overall, Williams displayed vision, sharp passes, length with his offensive game, and stepped up defensively with a few incredible blocks.  Rough day overall but he still showed why he is one of the top prospects in the country. Stats: 19 points 

2019 Cartier Jernigan (Committed to USC-Upstate): Jernigan had a tough task with Oak Hill throwing multiple guards at him.  However, he was up to the challenge and when you watch this young man, you can see that USC-Upstate found a composed, energized guard that has a high IQ and doesn’t back down to a challenge; he embraces it and attacks it head on.  Jernigan is simply an athletic scoring guard that can have a ton of effect on a game.  Whether it is setting up teammates, rebounding, scoring, or defending, he does so much for his team that people may not always notice.  Stats: 19 points 

2019 Quinton Thomas: Thomas has solid size and strength to his game, but he also brings energy and toughness to West Charlotte.  He displayed really good feel with his offensive game, using creative, athletic moves to finish at the rim.  As Rick Lewis said before about Thomas, he absolutely “brings it” every game.