The awards were given out for the top players at the camp. MVP, Mr. Playmaker, Mr. Hustle, Mr. Station and Mr. Defense were the awards given out. However, there were more than 5 players who really showed out. We want to shed light on all those who played well, provided our platform and their effort.

Here are the next 5 up, the ones who just missed out on awards …

5’7” 2021 Kabe Ellis
Andrews HS (NC)

Ellis really showed out as a playmaker. Not only did he create plays for others, but also showcased an ability and understanding of how to get his shots. Ellis played with a non-stop motor and was a natural born leader. Loved his effort.

6’2” 2021 Stefon McLeod
Rolesville HS (NC)

McLeod is an ultimate competitor. The lefty looks to guard the oppositions best player, not matter the position. He has great length and is very athletic, both explosive and quick twitch. He is an ultimate competitor and makes winning plays.

6’1” Unsigned Senior George Jones
Pamlico HS (NC)

Jones is a bully on the floor, playing with a ridiculous competitive streak on both ends of the floor. He has the upside to be a lock down defender at the next level and is the type of player who makes the plays happen on offense. He’s explosive and comfortable both on and off the ball. A next level player.

6’3” 2020 Jesse Blu Walters
Trinity of Durham (NC)

Walters came out with a purpose in this event, wanting to make his name known and he most certainly did. Walters scored the ball at a high clip, showing the ability to both score the ball off the bounce or off the catch. He had a very interesting day and has the look of a college level player.

6’4” 2021 Aaron Oates
Jacksonville Northside (NC)

Oates came out with a bang and had everyone who was watching, talking. This was our first viewing of Oates and we walked away very impressed. He is a lengthy forward who showed downhill ball skills and played above the rim. He defends the ball and showed to be a weak side defender. Eager to watch him continue to grow.