Prospect Talk: Elijah Seward

Twitter and Instagram: @huncholijah   In this scouting game, I've held an interest in projecting players as 'unsung heroes' for their high school teams, especially on ones filled with an array of talent. These type of guys typically emerge often, based on how much one's willing to look past the familiar big-time names. Once veterans graduate from the program or leave for various reasons,...

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2019 ‘Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest’ (5/17-5/19/19) Tournament Standouts

    After covering my first 'Hoop Group' tournament last month, the 2019 'Pitt Jam Fest' in Pittsburgh, PA, I noted it as containing the biggest collective group of people I've seen in a gym (over 630 teams). This past weekend, as expected, that same pattern emerged once again as an enormous portion of the basketball community showed up for another annual 'Hoop Group' event: the...

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'Zero Gravity Southern Showdown' Tournament Standouts (4/6/19 ' 4/7/19)

  A past weekend full of frequent whistle-blowing, filled up standing sections, numerous recognizable faces, and long hours spent in the gym all served as indication that AAU basketball tournaments are now in full swing. It felt unique providing coverage of my first spring tournament in the U-Turn Sports Performance Academy (Richmond, VA); I remember playing games in that same building...

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