Tennessee Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 3

Team 3 Coach: Dre Simmons   #4:5’0 ’24 Xavian James (Maryville, TN) Starting things off, we look at a player that already possesses an advanced skillset and overall feel for the game, Xavian James. He’s a smart, young, undersized point guard with great instincts and the ability to dictate the offensive action. Next in his development process is simply working to add strength in order to...

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Tennessee Junior Phenom 2019 Spring Award Winners

    Tennessee Junior Phenom Camp MVP: 5’7 2025 Eil Ellis      Tennessee Junior Phenom Playmaker Award: 5’0 2024 Xavian James (Maryville, TN)     Tennessee Junior Phenom Station Award: 5’9 2024 Sydney Maines      Tennessee Junior Phenom Mr. Defense: 6’1 2024 Trent Noah (Baxter, KY)     Tennessee Junior Phenom Hustle Award:...

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Early Standouts at Tennessee Phenom 150 Camp

#11- 5’8 ’25 Eli Ellis- The strong-bodied guard was among the youngest players from the first set of games, but more than held his own. He’s a leader with a tight handle and strong two-way feel for the game. Ellis effortlessly creates scoring opportunities and has the three-level ability to apply constant pressure as a penetrator or shooting threat from the perimeter. He sees the floor well and...

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