Unsigned Senior Spotlight: Asanti Price

There is probably no player in the Carolina’s who has more buzz around their name currently. Rightfully so, what is there not to like about Price. He is a lengthy 6’5″ shooting guard who is a fluid, and explosive, athlete and can stroke the cover off the ball. Let’s take a look at the numbers, Price is averaging 19.4 points per game, leading the way for the 19-1, number 1...

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Phenom’s 3G Showcase Event Storylines … The 7’2″ EIGHTH GRADER

3G Showcase Storylines 7’2” 8th Grader Travon Pearson Phenom’s 3G Showcase || July 19-20 (This Weekend) || Fayetteville, NC (Freedom Courts) Yes, you read that story title correctly, a 7’2” 2022 prospect (8th Grade). Travon Pearson is still an unknown prospect outside of his immediate region. He is a player who created a bit of a stir a couple of weeks ago when Andrew Ramspacher of The...

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Regional Low Major D1 April Stock Risers

6’7” 2019 Nick Evtimov Greensboro Day/Team United Evtimov has been a name that has circulated around for a while. He is a strong and very skilled post player who has always played on winning teams. He is also the son of former UNC big Vasco Evtimov and nephew of former NC State forward Ilian Evtimov. Evtimov is a brute, never worried about contact. He is a strong area rebounder and can score...

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