The Summer of Perfection: BSA Supreme

The idea of being “perfect” in athletics is far from common. Outside of the NCAA, there has only been one truly undefeated season (1972 Miami Dolphins) in the history of sports. College dynasties don’t really fall under the same umbrella, as their ability to stockpile talent and thwart opponents with a revolving door of more-talented players makes the competitive superiority less impressive....

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BSA Supreme proving itself as a top dog nationally; talent to be found for college programs

You know the team, you know the program, and you know the logo… BSA Supreme has been taking on all challenges so far this season and they have proven to be one of the top dogs, not only regionally but you could also mention nationally.  This is a program that is built a certain way, plays a certain way, and simply has a different mindset compared to others. That is why they sit 12-0 on the...

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Will BSA Supreme Remain Undefeated?

Through the first month, the travel ball season has been full of exciting matchups, subplots, and individual performances. It’s always fun to see who emerges as the biggest threat within the state and, while it’s usually considered a shoe-circuit squad, it seems as though BSA Supreme has clearly asserted itself as the team to beat. Why? Well, they have yet to lose a single game. They’ve beaten...

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