Players for College Coaches to Check Out More: Good Guys vs. Cancer

2024 Kaleb Spencer (Manteo): Spencer is a new name that caught our interest and with him being so far east, he may be one that falls through the cracks.  But we are here to bring more light his way, as the 6’6 forward is a developing prospect to look out for. Spencer is a blossoming talent that shows great flashes with his ability to run and finish at the rim, his hands and impact on the boards,...

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The Makings of an Elite Big Man: Kosi Mgbejiofor

Evaluating young, developing players is an incredibly unique process filled with tons of intriguing variables. There can be some difficulty in distinguishing the difference between those who are great right now and those who will be great. It’s easy to see what players are capable of dominating a game amongst their middle-school peers, but how do they project forward? Will they...

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