North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Spencer Wilson #61: 5’8 ’26 Tristan Peterson (Pasquotank) Starting things off, we look at a player who produced nicely despite being the smallest camper on this team, Tristan Peterson. He’s a young, smart, unselfish guard prospect with the ability to consistently get by defenders and touch the paint. Peterson is a solid ball-handler and passer who makes proper decisions when...

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Phenom 150 Session I Camp Evaluations: Team 1

Team 1 Coach: Gerroid Doughty  #100: 5’0 ’28 Gideon Mount (Forsyth Country Day) Starting things off, we look at a player who contributed quite nicely despite being the youngest camper on display, Gideon Mount. He’s a young, sturdy, high-motor prospect with excellent perimeter shooting abilities and a clear willingness to make hustle plays whenever possible. Mount worked well within the...

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