Team Hardaway Jr. 2023 comes away undefeated and impressive at Summer Havoc

There were several teams that came away impressed with their play in Rock Hill at the Summer Havoc.  One team though, that may not always catch the national eyes, played incredibly well all throughout and really made their mark on the tournament. The Team Hardaway Jr. program is a talented one down in Florida and is one that is quietly showing others that they are a team to watch.  They may...

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Brandon’s Big-Time Ballers at Summer Havoc Day 2 (Part 2)

By: Brandon Blakney 6’3 2023 Parker Hodgson (Elav)- Hodgson plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a nice swagger about his game on the court. I witnessed him try to dunk on three defenders, he attacks the cup with reckless abandonment and doesn’t care who has reservations to meet him at the rim. In the evening matchups, Hodgson went off for twenty-seven and grabbed the attention of...

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