Noah’s Hoopers Session 2 Day 1 (Part 1)

By: Noah Hooper 6’8 2022 Kingston Christie (NLPB Big Cats 17U) Although Christie has not developed into his body fully, that is what makes this kid an intriguing prospect. What caught my attention with Christie was not a finesse or flashy style of play, but the things he did to play the role that his team needed such as running the floor hard, being active on defense, crashing the offensive, and...

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Noah’s Hoopers from Summer Havoc Day 1 (Part 2)

By: Noah Hooper 6’0 2022 Jacob Adams (Vaughan Panthers 17U) In my short time watching Adams, his playmaking ability really made me tuned in to his game. Despite Adams being undersized, his floor general presence was felt throughout the entire game as he was really good at finding guys in transition, as well as in the half-court. He was also great at finishing through contact as his sturdy frame...

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