Player Standouts from Phenom Summer Grind (Day 1:Part 1)

By: Ethan Reece 2021 6’4 Reginald Smith (Charlotte Aces)Reginald came out and posed as both a leader and glue guy for his squad. The team moved the ball well, allowing him the spacing to attack, which is when he’s at his best. Between his control of the ball, length/frame, and quick first step he was able to get to the basket all game while also posing a reliable spot-up threat. I know it’s...

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Beyond Basketball: Carolina Riptide 2023

Culture is one of the defining traits for a majority of successful teams, regardless of sport or activity. Having a collection of individuals who understand and buy-in to these ideals typically allow everything else to naturally fall in place. Take the Carolina Riptide 2023 (formerly Team HUSL) as a prime representative of a squad who is arguably as united as any team in the Carolinas. How?...

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