Player Standouts at Phenom Stay Positive

5’6 ’27 Corey Kinard (Strong Center) Though he was among the youngest players on display, it was easy to be impressed with Kinard throughout this viewing. His production is predictably appealing, but the intangibles are arguably what make him such an enticing long-term prospect. Kinard is very smart and patient with the ability to consistently create for himself and others. He displays a...

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Phenom 150 Camp Session I Evaluations: Team 12

Team 12 Coach: Bronal Gary #137: 5’10 ’23 Brooks Allred (Western Alamance) Starting things off, we look at a player that made his presence felt through adaptability and perimeter shooting, Brooks Allred. He’s a wiry, unselfish guard prospect with solid creation skills and an understanding of how to effectively move without the ball. Allred plays with great effort, looks to set up others...

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