Sleepers for the 2021 NBA Draft: Part One

With the 2021 NBA Draft set to kick off in mere hours, we decided it would be advantageous to look at some potentially undervalued prospects set to start their journey in the League. There are players on this list currently climbing draft boards and projected to get drafted in the lottery—so technically not every prospect actually classifies as a “sleeper.” However, the bigger emphasis...

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Ole Miss senior guard Devontae Shuler playing his best basketball

What a year it has been for senior guard Devontae Shuler of Ole Miss.  Looking back at when we watched him during his high school time, back at Oak Hill, Shuler was a gifted prospect and a highly-regarded recruit.  Phenom Hoops got one of our first glimpses of Shuler back at the North Carolina Phenom 150 camp in 2014, where this was said about his game. “Perhaps no one took as much advantage of...

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