INTERVIEW — In Depth with Dawson Garcia … Offers, Recruitment, Visits & NBPA Top 100 Camp

Dawson Garcia is one of the hottest names in the country right now. The 6'10" Minnesota native talks about offers and visit and then he goes into schools who he thinks are close to offering.

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Phenom Alum: Looking back at the incredible freshman season of Coby White

His career was short at North Carolina but man, was it fun while it lasted at the college level.  Coby White’s career until now has been one that just brings enjoyment to the eyes of Phenom Hoop Report, as we have watched him grow and earn everything he has accomplished so far.

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You Want to Know Why IMG Academy IS the Best Team in America

Last night Lavar Ball was caught on camera saying that “IMG knows they can’t compete with this…” The “this” in this sentence is his son Lamelo Ball’s Spire Academy team. Of course we all know Ball is known for his outlandish statements, falling back on “speak it into truth.” Well this one is one we aren’t sure will be possible to have...

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