Dawkins’ Championship Sunday Standouts from Phenom MC

By; DeAjai Dawkins 6’3 2022 Evan Smith (ACE Elite 17U)  Evan has performed like a high-level guard all weekend, distributing and scoring at a balanced pace. He’s starting to create with less dribbles than before. This is one player that’s in a prime position to lead coming into this high school season, and his recruitment will likely benefit.  6’1 2022 Jazian Gortman (PCH Nightrydas 17U) ...

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South Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 3

Team 3 Coach: Kelvin Mills #0: 5’11 ’23 Arturo Overton (Lower Richland) Starting things off, we look at a player that has been a regular shining spot at camps over the last few years, Arturo Overton. He’s a smart, skilled guard prospect that built his foundation as a scorer and has gradually transitioned into a floor general. Overton scores the ball at an efficient clip and can easily...

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Special K’s Superstars (Top 10 from #PhenomQCShowcase)

Shakir sat baseline all throughout the weekend, covering a ton of talent. There were several names that stood out to him, which can be found in our previous articles. But here are his Top-10 guys from the weekend in Rock Hill. Check out the impressive list.

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