Recruitment 1-on-1: 2022 BJ Edwards Jr. (BMaze Elite)

2022 BJ Edwards from Knoxville, Tennessee is ranked as one of the top point guards in the country and has been a target for many schools around the country. Back in December, the 6’3 guard announced his Top 6 schools and it seems that a few of those schools are continuing to make a strong push. We caught up with Edwards about the latest, his thoughts on the upcoming travel ball season with...

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BMaze Elite UAA 2022 Set for the Queen City Showcase

Year in, year out, BMaze Elite produces high level talent and this year is no exception. BMaze coach Brett Patterson gave us an update on this team’s roster and some key points on each player. 6’10 2022 Brandon Huntley (IMG)                                                 Top 10 ranked player in 2022. 5 Star player with an NBA body and a 7’3” wingspan. Can score on all levels....

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