Upward Stars 2022 highlighting the talent of North and South Carolina

Phenom Hoops continued their events through the month of May, as Upward Stars Southeast 3SSB 2022 was one of the more recent teams that came through the Phenom MDC.  It gave us another opportunity to view a team that brings some of the more talented players around South Carolina and region to the floor and they surely impressed. When you dive into their roster, the first player that your...

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Shammond Williams Basketball Academy Recap

Yesterday, Phenom Hoops traveled to Greenville, SC to cover the Shammond Williams Basketball Academy. Shammond Williams, a former star at UNC, played in three Final Fours (1995, 1997 and 1998) and was drafted 34th'by the Chicago Bulls. He played for seven years in the NBA and another six years overseas. Today, Shammond is giving back to the next generation of basketball players in his hometown...

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