POB’s Takeaways: Phenom HS Jamboree Session 1 (Part 2)

Concord Academy looks poised to make another title run It seems that Concord could be looking at another strong season, as they are coming off a title run last year.  But this team will certainly look a little different with new names leading the charge, including 2024 JJ Moore, 2023 Isaiah Tate, 2023 Avion Pinner, and several others have looked strong throughout the offseason.  Pinner...

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COACH’S CORNER: Carolina International’s Derix Bell on HS/Travel Coaching + His Program’s History!

A graduate from Winston-Salem State and also earning a master's degree from Gardner-Webb, coach Derix Bell certainly has a rich history. One that always has a great attitude and outlook on life, Coach Bell is hoping to leave a lasting impression on his players. Coach goes into what his mission statement is for the program, the history about Carolina International School, and he talks about his time as a travel ball coach and high school coach. How does he want to be remembered and what does the future look like for the program?

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