Greg Gantt is THE Best Defender in the Hoop State

  Providence College was at every single game Greg Gantt played in over the Summer. Jeff Battle was front and center, EVERY SINGLE TIME, while Head Coach Ed Cooley came at least once per tournament. It was truly a masterful job, as Gantt had also set visits to the likes of Texas and Florida, major programs. Providence showed the love and Gantt reciprocated with his commitment. After...

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Must Watch Storylines for Hoops and Dreams Showcase (Part 1)

The first annual Hoops and Dreams Showcase was one of the most live events Eastern North Carolina saw last year. This year will have a deeper field. It will have incredible talent and the match ups are off the charts. With 3 teams ranked among the nation’s top programs, 9 players ranked among the nation’s Top 100 prospects and 11 players who have signed to play college basketball …...

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Not Ranked Nationally, But The 6’6″ Junior’s Recruitment Will Say Top 100

Through his play this year, Trinity Christian’s 6’6″ junior Audiese Toney has more than stepped out of the shadows of his more well-known (and deserving) teammates. It is about time that the nation and college coaches take notice of Toney and all the production he brings to every game played as well. Originally from Alabama, the 6’6″ junior moved up to Fayetteville...

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