Derrick Eley Quietly Among the Top Playmakers in North Carolina

Statistical analysis is an excellent tool for evaluating prospects, as it gives a numerical measure to line up against the eye test. When thinking about the top playmakers in the state, several names come to mind but not enough folks seem to mention Derrick Eley within that group. Although he plays with a notable teammate and in a known suburb of Charlotte, it’s simply being overlooked...

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Team United 16U EYBL “A Special Team”

To state Team United 16U EYBL may be a special team would be a gross understatement. The class of 2024 team has accumulated a nice mixture of talent, skill, athleticism, but more importantly are well coached and plays extremely well as a team. With such high profile players in today's basketball culture, this team has no egos from our viewpoint. Team United 16U EYBL has two national level...

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MadeHoops Session II Standouts

Phenom Hoop Report was on hand at the recent Session II of the MadeHoops Winter Circuit at Boo Williams Sportsplex. Letís take a look at some of the players who caught our attention at that event and other up and comers from the Winter Circuit.

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