Producing in the paint and on the boards: Class of 2022

Phenom Hoops doesn’t just shed light on the top players in the state but we want to provide a platform for ALL players. The class of 2022 is still fully loaded with talent and there are plenty of players that are having a strong high school season that you may want to check out, especially down low and on the boards. Here are just a few players that are having a terrific season for their team.

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Phenom Summer Havoc Session 1 (Day 2) (Part 1)

2022 Damien Robinson (Fayetteville Flash 2022): Robinson may be an undersized big but that doesn't stop him from making his mark down in the paint. Built looking like a football player, Robinson moves very well on the floor and brings a strong presence down in the paint. He was exceptional in getting on the offensive boards and showing touch on his putbacks. 2022 Jakhari Webb (Rock Hill...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from #PhenomLIVE (Day 1, Part 2)

Damien Robinson 2023 6'5 Daevin Hobbs (NLPB Prospects): Really good size early on as a young prospect.' He moves really well on the court both inside and out, while also having a nice understanding of the game.' Hobbs' ability to stretch the floor but also really attack down low against smaller defenders makes him tough to guard. 2023 6'5 Jakwon McKnight (NLPB 204 15u): McKnight brings a lot of...

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Brandon’s Big-Time Ballers: Day 3 at Summer Havoc

6'3 2021 Kymani Knox (Upward Stars)- Knox is an absolute load in the middle to deal with, he just a tough kid. When Knox builds up steam he comes through the lane like a wrecking ball. Knox is built for contact and he knows it, he converted several tough finishes, the defense had no choice but to foul. Knox defended the paint admirably and ate the glass up, he's a true competitor and will do all...

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Keep an eye on 2022 6'5 Damien Robinson (Fayetteville Flash/ Overhills)

Phenom Hoops wants to continue our coverage of a fantastic two weeks in Rock Hill, highlighting some players that caught our attention. A player that we got our first look at back in January in Fayetteville, 2022 6’5 Damien Robinson may be a prospect to start really keeping an eye on.

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