Special K’s Hoops Take: Battle of the SCISA Teams (Quarterfinals)

Yesterday, I pulled up to the Sumter Civic Center to be in attendance for the SCISA Quarter Finals. First Baptist took on Augusta Christian, and Ben Lippen took on Trinity Collegiate. Both games were neck and neck throughout. These were the standout players that I thought absolutely led their team to wins.

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South Carolina Phenom Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Jordan Washington   #5: 5'9 '23 Matty Foor (Summerville) Starting things off, we look at a player that already showcases an advanced skillset and two-way approach, Matty Foor. He's a young, wiry point guard prospect with tremendous IQ, unselfishness, and the ability to reliably create for himself and others. Foor is crafty and displays sharp vision with the ball in his hands,...

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