Phenom All American Camp Team Roster

ClassHeightNo. NameCityStateHigh SchoolTeamColor20254′11″0Jalen MillsHope MillsNCCumberland Mills 1White20245′11″1Tyree WhiteIndian TrailNCSun Valley Middle1White20246′0″2Anthoney McClaryBurlingtonNCThe Burlington School1White20216′0″3Brian KeithRaleighNCWord Of God Christian Academy1White20226′0″4Jaxon BrownRaleighNCWakefield High School1White20236′1″5Malin AllardMount...

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‘The Unsung Heroes’: Kendrick Robinson

Twitter & Instagram: @kbounce_04   The other week, I came across an online 60-second clip produced by ‘’ that solely featured defensive plays made by a high school prospect, whose name I did not learn. I, along with others, deem this as a pretty rare occurrence; considering the majority of basketball mixtapes tend to showcase guys getting their buckets. Regardless, the...

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Brandon’s Big Time Ballers #PhenomAllAmerican

The inaugural Phenom All American camp came into the weekend as some what of an enigma. Greensboro, North Carolina- The Triad played host to the first ever Phenom All American Camp, our brand and product are recognizable, but until Saturday we hadn’t conducted a true All American Camp. This was another prime opportunity for prospects in the classes of 2020-2024, to get better and boost...

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