Looking Forward: Henderson Collegiate

In just four years, the Pride of Henderson Collegiate has gone from unknown to one of the premier programs within North Carolina. Their pathway has been somewhat uncharacteristic, especially for a 1A team, but hasn’t prohibited them from establishing a winning culture. Despite a ton of talent over the years, Coach George Marshall is arguably the most significant reason for their overall success....

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COACH’S CORNER: HC’s George Marshall on Building a TITLE CONTENDER + Coaching D1 Athletes!

Coach George Marshall has done an excellent job since starting the basketball program at Henderson Collegiate. Starting his first season with a 13-13 record, he has now put together a championship-caliber team over the last two seasons. What made him decide to take over a program and build it from the ground up? Did he lose any confidence after his first season and what big expectations did he have for this program? What was it like to have success the last two seasons, including being named co-champs this past season? Rick Lewis discusses it all!

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Hartsville Classic “Final thoughts, takeaways and stock boosters” (North Carolina Teams)

Phenom Hartsville Classic Final thoughts, takeaways and stock boosters. (North Carolina teams) Phenom Hoops travelled to Hartsville, South Carolina to host the inaugural Phenom Hartsville Classic. One thing is for certain, the state of South Carolina is making a heavy investment into quality high school facilities. Hartsville High has a beautiful high school gymnasium and although the host...

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