Phenom Hoops Event Attendees All Over the 2019 National Rankings Update

On Wednesday, recently released their newest brush at the 2019 rankings and it had a strong Phenom Hoops feel to the Top 150. In all twenty-six prospects were ranked among the countries Top 150 prospects. This comes as no surprise as the 2019 class in Phenom Hoops region is incredibly talented. All along there have been players who are ranked among the top in the country in this class...

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From the Sidelines – Rankings Part 2

Rankings contribute to some of the biggest controversies in youth basketball. Not everyone agrees with the rankings published by one particular service or another, which can often lead to charges that any particular set of rankings, is “political.” Unfortunately, it’s become the norm for people to criticize and belittle anyone that doesn’t agree with a specific published list. But it’s so...

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Porter Gaud Duo Finally Getting Their Just Due at the National Level

It has been a long time coming for the Porter Gaud pair, but senior Aaron Nesmith and junior Josiah James are finally getting their due on the national level. The pair has long been thought of among the top prospects in the state, by Phenom Hoops but it has taken the national writers far too long to catch up. When came out with their updated rankings for the 2019 class on Wednesday...

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